The Very First Giveaway by LvBeii – nope

I always wanted to do this “thing” for my son (secret. if i win then u’ll know what is it). And when i think that i need to gather all the things i wanna pengsan. where got time now, he is 24hr sticking to me. wanna choose 1 kain also cannot.

So thi lovely LvBeii is giving away and i don’t even need to sourse for it. cool rite?

And to join, there will be only 3 conditions :
1. Leave a comment stating why you want the giveaway pack and which pack (Supplies/Handmake) would you like to take back at the end of the day.

2. Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you when you win, or just make sure your email is stated somewhere in your blog if you linked your blog instead.

3. Be a follower to this blog (optional) and get an extra mysterious gift if you win.

more info…join here . Contest ends  April 1st,2010 , Thursday at 5pm (Malaysia Time)

I want this…

The Supplies Giveaway Pack

Bonding Moment with Opah – not so lucky

This is a very interesting contest…you need to hv a pic of grandson and grandfather. very warm rite? Join loh..wat else…

this is not my photo lah


mine is this below..nice kan? warm..


  1. Nama anak : Jedric Phang
  2. DOB anak : 30Sep2009
  3. Nama ibu : Miki Chua
  4. Nama opah DAN atuk : Angeline & Jimmy
  5. Umur ketika gambar diambil : 2bln

How about you? Show urs pulak…join here..

Rozis Needle Work March Giveaway – maybe next time

How to enter the giveaway?

You have to do is follow my blog Become the follower of the blog. Enter a comment under this post and tell which prize do you want and what you plan to do with it. I’ll judge the best entry as the winner for this giveaway. No language restriction. Bahasa Melayu, English, Javanese, etc. Put a post in your blog with the picture of the prize you wish to get and link my blog. Why wait so long? DO it now lah…

I wan to win this to make my son’s pillow case. He only have 1 set and always be stinko form is saliva. When i wash it, he have to tahan not hugging them. 😦


Contest ends 31 March 2010

The Quilter’s Bag Giveaway! – not so lucky

Okay i’m getting very excited with all these free gift coz i’m kiasu.. hahaha.. also because i’d win the “MAMA PATCH CLOTH LINERS GIVEAWAY” today….*yippie*

So now another giveaway..and this is what they require as below. simple!

1. Become follower  – already did

2. Write something about our giveaway and link us in your blog –i’m doing now

3. Tell your friend(s) about us – tat’s is by all of you who’s reading my blog

4. Let us know that you want to join our giveaway by leaving your comments here – of course did

5. Giveaway starts from March 21 – March 29, 2010 – phew not last min yet

6. The winner will be announced on April 1st, 2010 7. Winner will get all of the above goodies – 3 yards of Large Half Circle ribbons from American Crafts Premium Ribbon, 3 Fat Quarters ( 2 x Calico, 1 x Susan Winget), 4 assorted sizes of flower buttons and 1 Family Living Simply Delicious Chocolate recipe book! – fabulous gift!

Why wait? Join now.. hurry few more days nia….

Vomit Blood?

How not to make your child too manja or dependent on you? Well, i’d read that you shouldn’t attend to him immediately when he cry. Let him be for about 5min to 15min but NOT more than tat. Also when he is lau-kai-ing before sleep let him be tat way. 2 to 3 days he’ll know that nobody will attend him even he cry or sulk or scream. someone did it and it is successful.

so i decided to try for 5min. i let him cry and scream… maybe arnd 2-3min i look at him. the bed sheet hv blood stain. OMG i quickly on the like because i tot he cry until his throat pecah and vomit blood. i put the hanky into his mouth and it’s fresh blood. try to look into his mouth it was is gums. he must be putting his finger digging  into his mouth. he ALWAYS does this when he wants to sleep. i think he cannot control his hand so instead of sucking nicely he dig into it. he also like to rub his eye, face, nose everything. sometime kena scratches on his face tru it loh.

too much reading on what to do and what not to do..

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Modern Carino Moo Moo Kow Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Hurry it’s the last day of the giveaway contest in Modern Carino . Wanna help the earth? Go green… hope i’ll be can be the lucky winner for this moo moo cloth diaper so that i can teach Jboy (5mth) to go green in future too! Too bad i’d heard this cloth diaper too late coz i already bought 5packs M size for him when i was preggie. Now still struggling to finish up the disposable diaper which i really really thing that it’s not a good thing for the earth.

Beside the Moo Moo cloth diaper is also have it’s own benefit like :
1) ONE SIZE from Birth to Potty Training, tested to fits baby from about 3kg to 18kg
2) Four size adjustments to fit your baby best – Small, Medium Short, Medium & Large.
3) The soft elastic gathers are incredible at containing leaks while being so gentle on baby’s tender skin.
4) The soft inner suede cloth keeps that keeps the baby’s skin dry.
5) The durable waterproof breathable fabric is soft and stretchy.

Good luck Mimi and Jboy!

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Sleeping Alone

I’d decided to let Jboy sleep in his baby cot. Else i buy for what rite? Beside studies shows that BB should be sleep in the cot alone by the age of 3mth so that he is used to it in future. Lagi lewat lagi chialat…so ok loh..

Yesterday i put him to sleep then transfer him to the cot. then i sleep soundly without worrying the mosquito will bite him. There’s the mosquito net covering the cot ma. but i have to worry other things. normally i will make sure the comforter is ON him and not UNDER him. I’ll wake to feed him without getting up. But yesterday nite, i got to wake 4times and carry him 4 times out from the bed. 4am, 7am, 8am and finally 10am. Ya we sleep until 10-11am 😛

It’s so tiring…. so.. tonite i told Ha-B to get down from the bed. I’ll continue sleeping with Jboy until he dun need to wake for nite feeding. 😛

So i’m still sleeping with my paobei.

Pros : – i can watch him. i can make sure he’s tuck in. i can feed him without getting up. i can put him to bed and fall asleep with him.

Cons : – poor Ha-b sleep on the floor. Jboy will be spoilt brat and not wanting to sleep alone in future. Mosquito will bite him.

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Official Flip

Today he did his official flip without much struggle. Even though he did it a few times but he still didn’t “catch” the style.

There was once he did it but bcoz he was too angry i lie him down flat too long and dunno how i turn my head awhile he did it. 2nd time was sleeping in mom’s room. Then we was making alot of noise. i woke up and found his face on the mattress. He do not know how to turn his head side ways to sleep. i think he is not used to it. when he was young i use to let him sleep facing down but dunno why as he grew older he cannot turn his neck. he must hv a short neck. :S 3rd time was the same nite, his face was this time on the wooden floor. :S

Now he can do his flip, it should be a proud thing but sadly i hv to watch him more closely. hai~

Besides that, he is already starting to play water during his bath and when i pour water unto his head, he will close his mouth shut and blow out the water. Cute-nie. (ele.. masuk bakul angkat anak)

Ah.. and his fever was recovered the 3rd day. Seriously this time is the worst of all. But it maintain througout 38ºC lah.

Forgotten to update..

Weight : 8.7kg

Height : 58cm

Mom’s weight : 72kg (WTF? only 1 kilos?)

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Our progress

He knows how to play with his toys. He shake it hard to make the rattling sound. Was abit shock myself but i think this is how they grow each day. 😀 Glad i’m at home.

Everything he takes he put into his mouth which is quite dangerous because if there’s a bit unhygienic he’ll get diarrhea which i’m afriad coz i didn’t jap him with the rotavirus vaccine.

My BM production has reduce alot. i think partly bcoz i didn’t eat normally and always skipping meals. i skip meal not bcoz i wanna go on diet but really no time to eat. 2ndly i didn’t pump anymore. means i didn’t emptied out my BM inside me. which means the body will be assuming that i’ve more than enuf. therefore produce less.

my hair had drop like nobody business. nearly 40% and i’m going botak soon. i decided to cut my hair short. maybe i should go for treatment but, i’m still BF, should i? hm…

went for 3rd jap. he is worst than the 2 jap before.  1st time his fever gone on the 2nd morning. 2nd jap he still having fever on the 2nd day but was going to get well coz the temp didn’t increase. 3rd jap, 2nd day he is still 38ºC. thank God this will be hi last jap until he is one yr old. *phew*

Tam Chiak

Previously i had tried given him a piece of apple to suck and he love it. he was grabbing my hand so hard so that i dun let go.

Today he is 5mth and 2 days, i fed  him with solid food sold in supermarket. nope. i didn’t made myself for now coz i was thinking he wasn’t ready. So just bought a ready made food for testing purpose. At first he  shows a soury face coz the it was an apple flavoured. After a few times, he was getting used to it and he open his mouth automatically to ask for more.

I do not know should i start to give him now or wait until 6mth. some of his digestive system might not be ready to take it now. hm.. i think i better wait. now is just for trying and playing…but at least i know, he can swallow solid food already.

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