Made with lo-flour-ve

Doing clean up and get ready  to move to a new place.  Realise i’ve 2 pack of left over flour expired. 1 wheat flour and another is tapioca flour. Got the idea from a friend TP to make colouring using flour. It’s environmental friendly and it’s definitely non-toxic. Kids at the age of 2 will never know what can and cannot be put into mouth.

So, 1 session was fun! His 2 dirty hands and mine too. So didn’t manage to take any photos.  Taught J how to write “1” and “0”. Tried to draw “A” but he didn’t get it. Nvmd lah.. 0 and 1 is consider good. But i threw half of the colours because he didn’t finish. He is abit particular when he sees things get dirty and messy. But  he don’t mind germs coz he can’t see it! So when both his hands got dirty and messy he wants to wash them.

Today we had our 2nd session of colouring. Again he didn’t manage to finish his colours and it’s such a waste to throw it. So i had an idea to dried up the watery colour. But then how? I pour it on the paper he drew and let the paper absorb most of the water and…

wa-lah~~ i slowly remove the reminants on the paper and it turns out to be a very soft and mold-able paly-doh like clay! It’s such fun (for mummy) to discover there’s something i can do from the left over. No waste or such! After playing with paint we play with flour-doh and now i’m keeping it in a container and see what it becomes after a day.

We i am so excited!!




Forgot to jot down this important moment.

After 3 days calling “mama” Mboy starts to call papapapa… which i don’t think he was exactly calling papa. But at least he is making the sound.. consider lah~

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Sibling Rivalry Again

J is a very caring boy, and i just came noticing it when M came along. He would share all his toys with M when i ask him too. He would give his little bro eat watever he is eating. When littlo bro cough / hiccups he takes his water bottle ask wanna feed him!

But recently, M  grow up to be  very demanding. He would grab hold of the toys he wants, and cannot change to others or else he’ll scream! Sometimes you’ll see he scream at his bro when he want to take things from his bro. *scary* so young and he is already “fighting”.

Ytd incident was very funny, M wanted to take the balloon that was on J’s hand. So in the walker he chasing J. Even tho there were 4 balloons (2 with J and 2 with M) M still decide to take the 1 on J’s hand. J was running and whine-cry and M was chasing and laughing. hahahah… until 1 corner J had no where to run, the balloon in his hand he was crying. Then he starts to push M away. M was is the walker btw. I punished him for doing that. I didn’t know it was right or wrong to punish J bcoz the fact M was disturbing him. But my point is i didn’t want him to push M away. What if M is NOT in the walker? He would be falling backwards.


(1) : M was “bullying” / disturbing J – notti M

(2) : J got angry and so he pushed M away – notti J

(3) : M tot J was playing with him and tot it was fun!

(4) : J pushed M – notti J

After punishing him, (by bursting 3 out of 4 of his ballons) i had a deep tots myself. If i continue to punish J in this manner, would be react differently in future? Would he get angry with his bro coz everytime mommy is protecting M? Would he stop pushing? Would M be more demanding? *ish* why did i had to be a mother and think of all these which have no ans…

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M start to call me 3 days ago.. this time i’m very much confirm that he is calling me instead of calling “mum” “mum”. Last time J starts to call me, mum mum mum mum… all the way but i syiok sendiri accept his call.

(1) he is looking at me when he call mama with a muka kesian

(2) very clear he call mama

(3) when he cry, he came looking for me calling mama, running in his walker towards me


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M 6mth jap

Totally forgotten to record down M’s milestone..
He just went for his 6th mth jap

Weight : 9.5kg
Height : 70cm

Then i realise i can also bring J for his dental check for free at the same place! hm.. i wonder how he’ll react.

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Desperate Housewife

Ytd was not so successful day of being alone. I did manage to get everything done but M was having a terrible time. Crying all day! I got stuck with “draw something” that my dinner wasn’t prepared earlier. 😛 Normally i’ll prepare when they both were sleeping and then when it’s time for dinner, i don’t need to waste too much time cutting or slicing.

Today is GREAT. I do all the laundry, cooks for lunch put them both to sleep and take the longest bathe since i delivered! A bath tub bubble bathe. i feel peace…. no sound, only birds chirping outside and soak in water… ah~~ i wish i can have this once a week! Totally feel like 1 of the characters in the movie “Desperate Housewife”

I tot i wanna nap too but it’s already 4pm after my long bathe ( i think nearly 1 hour, hah!) so i decide to take a cup of tea and CNY left over biscuit but it still taste great and blog about this happy day ~~ 😀

Practice – alone

hah! mom is up in KL and i’m down in Mlk. this is the time for me to practice if i can stay alone with 2 boys in my new house later. 1st day was a successful day. I not only manage to put 2 boys to nap at the same time (afternoon) but i also manage to cook dinner for dad and bro. Steam fish and fried cabbage. Ala… easy only.. 2 dish and my dad and bro eat like a kitten. Can’t cook too much else go a waste.

Today is my second day, i cook fish porridge for lunch coz dad bought alot fish from tanjung. Fr tanjung means he went to the fishing boat and bought direct from the fisherman, it’s super fresh!  Fast and easy meal, i Wash rice, cook until it’s about to turn rice put in the fish and carrots chop finely. After cook, i took some of the flesh of the fish and put it into my baby feeder for M to feed himself.  Ah~ he love fish too, like J. Before serve to J i add in some light soya sauce. 3 of us can eat. Senang jer~~

i’d prep all the ingredient that need to be used for dinner later too. Today i had prepare soup which is in the slow cooker now and will steam a slice of salmon (this is not from tanjung btw haha) and fried vege. another 10min cooking done. actually to cook a meal is not that difficult what. the only “stress” is that my dad is quite picky… or maybe my mom pamper him to be that picky coz my mom cooking is unbeatable. u name it she cooks it. No one in this whole wide world cooks better curry than she. (no la i haven’t been to the whole world, i just wanna explain how delicious it is ;p ) indian curry, chinese curry, malay curry.. no fight! japanese curry it not spicy so it does not consider as a curry, hah! So.. my dad is a lucky man and i’m a lucky dotter.

Today i’m very sad

(1) Hubby is going home leaving me and babies in Melaka

(2) My iphone and tab decided to take a dip in the baby bag with 1 of the bottle leaking water and the baby bag is water proof. 

(3) My iphone and casing which is sun dry behind the car and my bro had to drive that car out and both my casing is gone. 

What else could happen? 

Wah! alot breastmilk

Everytime when ppl ask me am i still BF-ing and i say yes this is what i often hear

“Wah! you got alot of BM” (1) and the next thing they’ll say is “I don’t have much” (2)

This 2 statement i paling benci. Statement (1) Sorry, my BM don’t just come pouring and splashing like water tap. I work hard and it is VERY VERY hard for it to come.  1st child, after my xsec, having a very painful abdomen and not able to sit up, i still insist that i should BF. so i BF lying down on the bed. Bear in mind it is my 1st child and i still doesn’t know how to BF. But i work hard!

2nd child, with my 1 yr BF experience i still face difficulties. My BM doesn’t come flowing, i need to feed FREQ, and let him suck and suck and suck and wake up every mid nite right after the moment i deliver. And yes 2nd child is also another xsec i still work very very hard.  I pump every 3 hourly no matter how painful and sore my nipples are. I also don’t dare to skip any meals coz my BM will drop tremendously. I also try to take my teabreak and drink alot of fluid.

statement (2) i also doesn’t like it because i also don’t have. i work for it. until now, 6mth, my BM will drop whenever i skip a meal or didn’t have a proper meal.  so you see as long as i want to BF i need to work not just come like that. yes i know there are a few of my friends who don’t face issue with BM. Their BM comes naturally but i’m sure if they stop feeding it will be gone too.

and if u really want to BF i’m sure u would also had read “the formula to BF” ; the more u pump the more it will produce. so since u don’t have any intention to BF, u dun read how to BF, don’t tell me i have alot and u dun.



Rivalry had just started

Just a couple days ago i’m saying how sweet he is, *ouch* and ytd he punch his lil bro on the forehead. They were on the mattress. J was playing in his iphone and M was flipping left and right not knowing where he was going. Then he end up in front of J and I think J got frustrated M block his view so he karate him on the forehead. OR he was too excited playing the shooting plane so act that way.

This is why i hate when he play with games, he is always too into it. Few times he waited until last min to tell me he wanna go shh shh. Sometimes he even pee in it. *argh*


We, four of us, went for a fullmoon dinner. For the very first time, M sleep in the pram not entirely but half of the dinner. i’m already very glad and happy he manage to sleep tru at least half of it. I LOVE HIM for that 😛

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