How not to love him ♥

When i first return from the hospital after deliver, my eldest son Jdric wasn’t a little bit jealous. In fact he is excited as everyone else welcoming his lil bro. Not to forget he was also missing me alot and i am missing him too much too. He share his cookies with him and when didi cry he is the 1st person to rush there – maybe he is kepochi  😉

Other times while didi in the playpen, i’ll see many toys inside he is trying to share with his didi. However i will stop him from doing that because afraid that the toys might cut or scratch didi. I think i’m the only mother who tells the kor kor don’t share with didi (yet)

Sometime he will take his toys and show it to didi, “car”, “truck” he said. I also saw him sharing his iphone with his didi while playing the xylophone. He on the music, take it up in front his didi face, when didi turn away he’ll walk the other side and show it to him. So loving of Jdric.

Yesterday i was accompanying Jdric for his potty time, then didi suddenly cry, he point toward didi “mama carry” – he ask me to go carry didi. Then while i was changing diaper didi also cry Jdric suddenly run away and came back with a pacifier 😀

He is actually a very super kor kor. Everything we (he and i ) used to do together he doesn’t mind anymore. Even sleep he will ask me to hug him or hold his hand until he fall asleep but now.. i tell him mama need to feed baby nen nen or attend baby, he will roll over to 1 corner and sleep himself. It’s like he don’t mind sharing his mama with baby. He knows he need to share, he is willing to share.

However when grandpa carry didi he will tell point to didi’s bed and tell grandpa “put baby” hahah.. and he will use lotsa tricks. But he don’t really mind, he didn’t show any sign of jealousy. Maybe he is still young? In fast he love to hold his didi’s hand, kiss him and hug him. Sometime didi cry he wants to carry – this is the scary part.

There’s once i was brushing my teeth, didi cry i saw him comforting didi, giving the pillow and look at didi like asking him “is there anything i can do” that moment really melt my heart away. But there’s also once, i tot i saw him on top of his didi i quickly finish up and scold and wack him. Then i ask ” why you do tat” – i tot i saw he press his didi or something – wasn’t wearing spec. But he told me, “mama carry” – he wanted to carry his didi coz his didi cry. then i recall he memang always carry his didi or attempt to carry his didi whenever he cry *sigh* terrible mama.

one of the video i manage to capture look at his expression when didi cry.. haha

this was the sweet moment he just stare at his didi – can’t wait for him to grow up and play together

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DIY : Breast Pad / Nursing Pad

Now I’m tergila gial to recycle my small sized clothing or unwanted clothing.

Did self made breast pad, try try lah. Not say waste or what. The t-shirt is going into the rubbish bin anyway.

Cut out a few of circular shape and stack 8pcs together (i stack 5 pcs only coz afraid the sewing machine cannot go tru), sew. Done.. actually i wanted to do an insang pari stitch at the side but too lazy. Don’t even know if the handmade breast pad could work. I’m also suppose to sew a triangle so that the pad is not 2D. Lazy 😛 Not say i’m going to use it for outing, so need to be perfect-lah. Normally for outing i’ll use the disposable can stick to the bra. Else the padding fell off while i’m shopping – dunno where to bury my face.

only manage to do 3 pcs from the tshirt

Actually i find the commercial breast pad is kinda over price (the 1 i bought 2 yrs ago – Av*nt) Nearly RM20 per pair. And it shrunk! I kept 1 pair and i compare it with the used, it shrunk nearly 1cm diameter. It is already quite small and now it shrunk. So now since i’m DIY-ing i try to made it larger so that it will have a full coverage.

made bigger pad for more coverage

Don’t play play.. my breast pad is branded

branded breast pad

T ried out the DIY pad ytd, size is OK but it manage go tru little. Should just follow instruction and stacked up 8pcs instead 5pcs. Smart Alec!

DIY : Poncho Nursing Cover

I don’t really need a nursing cover as bad as previously with Jdric bcoz i foresee that i’ll be at home all the time. Unlike last time with Jdric i am always shopping the moment i finish my confinement. But  being at home also i’ll have my parent, brother, in laws walking around. To purchase it is really a waste of money lo.. So what i had decided is to do it myself. But with what?  Convert something into something is the best DIY. Totally save money..and i can dispose the things that i doesn’t wan anymore…

(1) Get a nice dress/skirt – when i purchase it definitely i’m in love with it, but it is now it is a junk coz i can’t wear is anymore. It is in “S” size. I definitively COULD NEVER go back to that size. But since i love the pattern so much i decided to keep it and now it is useful again. When i measure the waist is half of my waist now. 😦

S size skirt that i love so much

(2) Cut open the zipper area but i didn’t cut i just open up all the stitch, and i have an extra zipper for future used ( i dunno wat i will do with it yet :P)

(3) The waist part i insert a plastic so tat my poncho have a bone for me to look tru at the baby instead of keep opening with my hand. BB also can breathe better inside. Bone? Don’t worry no need to buy… Guess what i used?

I always think why waste the cover but really don’t hv any purpose besides being a garbage

(4) Stitch the bone in place so don’t move here and there.

(5) Can either sew a piece of cloth to hang over the neck or get another cannot-wear-anymore-clothes. For me it’s simple i have a halter neck top that i can’t wear so i just reused it for my poncho. Since the clothe is abit rubbery so i just stitch both end tight. When i want to use it can just tarik to expand the neck part. Unless using a non-rubbery-cloth i’ll need to sew a button or ribbon to ease when hang arnd my neck. One side i sew into a rose because i want to tighten the stitch. Mana tau 1 day i tarik tarik the whole piece terjatuh) and i don’t want it to look ugly with so many untidy stitches so the rose is a cover-up. hahaha

rose as cover-up

So now, i can keep my skirt and i have a poncho that cost nothing except time.

Look at the round tulang

Just to clarify.. i didn’t think of this myself lah.. i’m not that creative.. i just do research on how to DIY a poncho and i found many ppl are doing it. I just get the idea and start converting my unused baju 😀

Baby stuffs are expensive

Now days everything concerning baby is expensive. I have a list of few things i wish to have but can live without it… i just love to have it if it’s free.. 😀

(1) Nursing cover

Been joining alot of giveaway (more than 10) but can’t win anything. Not so lucky i guess. So thinking of getting myself 1? Gosh you won’t believe the price, it’s RM100 plus. Then decide to choose a very simple poncho cover instead but the square-clothe-tat-looks-like-apron cost arnd RM40? I can just easily use a napkin to cover actually and i hardly go out so i dun really need it but it’s good to have coz there are still my in laws, parent, brother walking arnd.

(2) Nursing pillow

I have backache so breastfeeding is actually a very stressful thing for backache but i could easily replace it with a normal pillow so it didn’t really bother me to get it. Anyway the pillow look just like a normal head rest pillow only bigger and it is around RM100 plus too.

(3) Baby Ring Sling

Glamour lah. Everybody is having 1 and looks so easy to use. With my baby keep clinging to me so getting 1 is not a bad idea but it’s nearly RM200!  I have 1 conventional gendong bought by my beloved cuz from Jakarta. There’s no ring, just 1 piece of long sarung clothe. I don’t know how to tie the knot, so it’s abandon there since Jdric was born. Recently searching internet i found out that i can convert it into a “sling ring” but need to purchase the ring of course.

(4) Nursing bra

Without wire, no padded, single hook can easily cost RM40 cheapest i’d seen. And even that, to get the size i’m wearing is not easy. I have to go Mark&Spencer to get a proper nursing bra. But tat was back then when i’m still working and don’t mind getting a decent-expensive bra. But now….tak rela spend tat money. 1st experience nursing Jdric, all my old bra is either spoilt or stain due to not wearing for too long. Some are still nice but i can’t wear it coz it’s really inconvenient. Actually can also convert the old bra to the nursing bra which i’m going to try soon.

All these can easily DIY and it really save alot. The best part is, i love to DIY but i don’t want to spend something and get another thing. It’s like buying it. So normally i will choose to convert something into something. I’m not good at it, but who cares, i’m not selling but using it myself. Who cares if the stitches is ugly, just make sure it’s steady can dy lo~~


Nope i don’t have a routine yet for my babies.. i’d been moving around like a nomad… but i’m trying to follow a schedule everywhere i go.

Back to my mom’s place, i’ll still follow the same routine

10 something a.m. : Wake up and washed up the Jdric 1st coz both of us normally wakes up before lil M does.

1pm : bath lil M then bathe Jdric with me together (better if the toilet door can be open so tat can hear bb cry, else bathe longer lah – haha)

After bathe : put both to sleep, long nap.

Depending of what time Jdric wakes.. meantime i can do all the necessary thing, laundry especially coz using the napkin is alot of work. Those with pee need to rinse, those with poo need to wash and apply detergent to get rid the yellow stain. Clothing need to be rinse and those with vomit need to be rinse properly or else the vomit will stain the clothing and you can say bye bye to ur bb clothe.

I still doesn’t know when i should slot in the cooking for myself and Jdric yet but i hope it can be done soon coz in future when i move into our own place, i’ll be all alone that will be so alone so independent. Gosh really hopes i can make it…

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Lil M behaviour

When i was in my in laws. Things were very nicely done for me. Lil M is being spoilt carried all the time. In fact it’s pass around like a baton never let down. He even sleep in someone arms. (not mine of course) So being back in Mlk in my mom’s place i had really a rough time faving lil M. He refuse to be put down and once put down he’ll scream on top of his lung like someone cekik him or break his legs. It’s like he is in pain.. but it’s just really he wants to be carried. I’d experiment (engineers always do experiments especially processengineers – haha) lifting and putting him down a few times.

Problem : Baby cry

Observation : Pick up – stop, put down – cry

Experiment :

(1) Hungry ? Fed full, Pick up – stop, put down – cry

(2) Hot ? Fan on, Pick up – stop, put down – cry

(3) Colic ? not applicable, Pick up – stop, put down – cry

(4) Bored ? Talk & play – smile but for 3mins, Pick up – stop, put down – cry

Conclusion : Super manja, dependent & need attention baby and need to be carried.

Solution : Let him cry a few days he’ll understand 😛

Who thinks i’m torturing him pls raise up ur hand. If you do, mean u sendiri cari pasal if u have ur own baby. I’m just re-trained him.

See now, TODAY lil M manage to sleep by himself ( of course i still need to put him to sleep with my natural pacifier) but he is able to be put down and sleep on his own.. it’s really a huge success for me and of course he is clever and good enough to adapt my “plan”

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Life with 2 kids

It was kinda hard. Very very tough handling both, emotionally and physically. Fortunate enough that we’d hire someone to take care of bb M for a month b4 Jdric and i adapt with the new member. Ya… it’s us who need to adapt. I’m so used to the routine of 2 of us. Altho is only 2 yrs with jdric it had become a very comfortable routine. Waking up at 10am, breakfast or milk, 1pm hv lunch, right before nap bathe and nap at 3pm, wakes 2 to 3 hrs later, outdoor activities / our own time, 10something prepare for bed sleep at 11pm/12am. Also hiring someone i’d more attention toward Jdric and i guess with this reason he is less manja or jealous toward lil M. Lil M didn’t just appear in his life and taken everything he used to have suddenly, it’s more like slowly without him  noticing. Even  i tell him i’ll feed bb then hug him to sleep, he’ll understand and wait.. or he sees me carrying bb all the time he’ll ask for a hug and that’s it. He won’t ask more.

Now it’s very different. My timing is all ‘out’ and i don’t like it when my schedule i can’t control. i don’t know what to do 1st what to do next. (i’m really suitable to be a project leader since everything need to follow schedule) After CL left i’d move up with hubby temporary for 2wks now. with the help of my both SIL and MIL i’m able to slowly adjust and cope with the presence of 2 kids in my life.

We still wake up at 10 something, lucky i’ll get to sleep until 12pm 😛 ( pig like mother like son) then wash up for Jdric and then wash up for lil M. normally lil M won’t be awake until i had my breakfast. Jdric will be occupied with tv or watever that he can be occupied while i feed lil M. Sometimes i’ll cook for Jdric but most of the time i’ll just let him eat watever on the table. He just refuse to eat nowdays and i got no time to force him. After feeding Jdric i’ll bathe lil M arnd 1pm and feed him again. hopefully while feeding he’ll fall asleep. even if he doesn’t i’ll just put him down, bathe jdric and i – quickly.

1 bottle milk for jdric and throw him into the sarung while i BF lil M. by the time the milk finish Jdric will normally fall asleep. So need to be creative, either i use my leg to rock him or use 1 hand to BF the other hand to rock. about 30min both will be sleeping and if nothing happens (as in no noise from other family members) i’ll hv my luxury to FB while folding the laundry. why did i mention luxury here? because so that i don’t need to do it midnite while everyone is asleep. the while they are napping is normally my time to eat, do laundry, rinse up watever nappy soak with pee or poo. More luxury i get to nap awhile.

Jdric will wake up 2-3hrs later while lil M i need to constant gv him the ‘pacifier’ fake or real to make sure he don’t disturb the kor kor with his thunder cries. After all wakes up, dinner for Jdric is at 6pm and after that me. Quickly everything swallow in and then the ‘baton’ is passed back to me which is lil M and all other family  members dinner time.

The main problem with lil M is why he needs to be carried all the time? And he don’t sleep long. Compare to Jdric, i rmb Jdric will sleep until his next meal then wakes up. My mil was worried why he sleep for such a long time. Even after lil M falls asleep and put down he’ll wakes in the next min. *argh*

9pm wipe lil M and prepare him for bed, but he don’t sleep until 1am. Jdric will be hanging arnd until his lil bro falls asleep so that i could hug him or hold his hand while he sleeps. he feels safer by me doing this i don’t know why. it normally takes less than 10min for him to falls asleep if i does this. Midnite is the worst, lil M seldom wakes probably once or twice for feeding but Jdric is the one waking up whining, crying and something shouting. i don’t know if he had played to much during the day until he had nitemares or what . He is always the one waking his lil bro. I don’t wake hubby up for any feeding of changing the diapers compare to Jdric. It seems like i can cope better and wake up more alert already.

I’ll throw all my laundry into the washing machine during the nite and next morning it will be hung up  bcoz i wake too late to catch the sun. hahaaha…somehow when it’s dry someone will keep it in for me too. lucky me… coz they are too efficient. Lucky thing i bought the steriliser which also safes me alot of time.. don’t need to do it daily sterilising the bottle conventional way. *phew* should had bought it much much earlier…

so this is my boring life with 2 kids and i don’t know when i can hv my normal life back…