To-date $$$ spend

Going fast…  the money in my bank is going fast..downwards..but Ha-B said this is a blessing spending.

Current status:- (RM750)

Baby bottle : Dr Brown rough Rm50

Pureen Warehouse : RM300

Baby pram : RM250

Baby shower cream (Sebamed), cotton bud, sterelise cotton pad : RM80

Potty, Tub, Clothe hanger, plastic shelf : RM70

Estimated another:- (RM600 to Rm1000)

Baby Cot for Melaka hse : RM400 (thank God KL already hv 1 set)

Mattress : RM200

Itu pun i’m already saving alot from the things that relative had pass to me example, baby baju, baby rocker, baby buaian, breast pump… and yes i’m a stingy mom, i didn’t buy any clothing for BB and i don’t allow DaDi to buy either  😀

For BB from Pureen Warehouse salesP8150209

For MaMi from Pureen warehouse sales


Plasticware..(ops.. forgot the cotton bud and sterilise cotton pad)

New Picture


Nurse Came Visit

I went for 2 places for check ups. Government to get the free vitamins and supplements (since i’d paid taxes) , blood test and urine test for free. Private is to get a clearer picture of whats happening inside and the ultra scan pictures.

Ever since i decided that i’ll be giving birth at private, i couldn’t be bothered at all to visit the government poliklinik. Mainly also because the H1N1 is widely and simply spread especially in public places like the poliklinik.

However after 1 month of not visiting them, i received a phone call from them saying that they would like to visit me at HOME on SATURDAY! I couldn’t believe my ear… but i’d already prepare for my checkup at the private on the same Sat so i decided not to wait for them. Beside they told me to wait from 8am to 1pm. they cannot be sure what time they’ll be arriving at  my place. so i kinda “ignore” them.

the following week, the called again!! OMG! they even mention that last week they came and i wasn’t at home. i’m so guilty and grateful that they’re so concern so i deicded not to waste their kind effort and stay at home. 1 kesian nurse ride her motobike on the hot morning, to visit me. feeling even more guilty than ever she’d wasted her effort last week… anyway she didn’t do anything special lah. just normal blood pressure check, pressing my tummy and ask me where is the bb head! use a very funny tool to listen to the bb heart beat but couldn’t hear anything, pressing my leg and told me i didn’t drink enough milk. wrote something in my “buku merah” and went back. Although there’s nothing special she’d done, but i still feel that it’s a great major improvement for the governement to provide this service for working ppl like me who can’t always take MC and the d*mn comp juz cannot accept time slip.

As a prove i’m not lying, the nurse really came to my hse. you cannot believe too rite?


Month of Festivals =)

Firstly we had totally forgotton about our Anniversary which falls on 10th Aug! YES both of us LUPA! The BB is not even born yet and both of us is already so bz with.. i don’t know what.

Luckily there’s still small celebration on our bday which falls on 20th and 21th, so happy birthday to us…

Colleague bought a cake for me, thanks Chin, PS and WP. Then dad also bought Choc Indulgence from SR for both of us. Ha-B bought my all time fav Nadase  Rum and Raisin flavour.Ha-B also bought a pair of Croc for my swollen legs. Thanks darl. What i bought for him.. nothing.. but myself and BB.

Thanks to those who had send all your blessing and wishes to both of us. It’s a joy to know that so many friends had remembered the day. Also thanks to FB for reminding.. hahaha…but i guess i must be very old coz i don’t really care about bday celebrations. My mind is pre-occupied by the BB.. hahaha….

Good Boy He Is

Today we went for check up again. We told him to open his leg so tat doc can see and confirm again he is really a boy. So far we had only seen his genital twice. This time he let doc Tan examine him with his balls. Hahaha… good boy…He’s now 32wks weighing 2kg, 700g extra compare to previous check up. Doc say it’s a normal growth.

Me… i’m 2 kg extra only! *yippie* no stress. 7 more weeks to go and i can deliver. Doc say earliest i can deliver on 24th to 30th Sept. My estimated delivery is on 8th Oct using ultrasound to determine. However if calculating my ovulation cycle (following normal ppl) it’s on 19 Sept. So to be sure that i’m not ever due, 24th to 30th will be the best date. Not over due or not pre-matured. Still considering but will only decide after my nexk check up in another 2 weeks!

Way to go boy.. next check up pls let doc see your face and little fingers. Love ya!

My tummy is 110cm (43inch) and my stretchmark is above my belly button

Latest update

Yes, i’d been very lazy to update about my pregnancy. most of the time, i’m  tied up with FB – restaurant city 😛

okay let’s see, i’d been facing with water retention right after i come back from hanoi trip. my leg start to swollen and it’s more difficult to walk especially in the morning. my feet , cannot bend. therefore i need to walk like a penguin. and with my tummy so huge in front. it makes me looks more like a penguin.

at 32wks now, i gain 12kg extra :”) weigh about 80kg now. 24wk to 28wks i’d gain 3kg. 28wk to 31wk gain 2kg. ( i promise will jian fei after delivery) bb pulak at 28wks weigh 1.3kg. doc say it’s abit bigger than normal. should be around 1kg. 4 weeks ago he is only 700g. in 1 month he grew 600g! fatty boy like daddy and mummy.

my stretch mark had extented up to my belly button. sad. i’d finish my clarins oil 2 moths ago.. so i didn’t use anything. only once awhile apply with the palmer cocoa butter. i’m not sure it’s the clarin’s that had stop my stretch my from expanding previously or my tummy had grown too fast recently which extended the stretch. my inner thigh also hv stretch marks. 😦

after vietnam many had notice my tummy. last month still got ppl ask me am i married or not. my tummy is 108cm(42.5inch) using belly button as reference point. i can hardly touch my asshole when i squat down. can you imagine how huge it is.

my nose had become bigger and rounder. my neck is fully of biji-biji. i dunno what’s is it called. but it grew more. colourless mole. my hair had thicken. very! my linea line is still not obvious. my belly button had not pop out yet. i get tired at 10pm now a days. dunno it’s too much brain usage at work or i’m only starting to feel fatigue. hahaha….

His Reflects

Ha-b bought a headphone for BB coz i complain that i’m so bored listening together with him on the player. in the begining the music puts me to bed too. but later on.. i can memorise which song come after which it’s abit anoying. so the headphone is for him to listen and for me to go to bed peacefully.

to my surprise, every time i ON my ipod and put on the headphone (on my tummy of course) he kicks! espcially when i on it louder. hahaha. maybe he is being disturb. maybe he dun like it as well. but dun care lah. make him listen so that when he older he will be like Mozart! hahaha….crazy and sadist mummy.

Happy birthday lil bro!

New PictureHappy birthday to my lil brother who had just grad and start job hunting.This year didn’t celebrate with him. No time lah dude. Wait until he found a job and belanja us lah. hohoho…


We’s purposely went up to KL for the Pureen warehse sales. According to forum, it was worth to go. Mana tau.. hehe.. toll and petrol also cannot cover. haha.. but it’s also ok lah. at least we juz need to buy everything we need from 1 place. we spend about Rm310 for all.  *picture post later*