Christmas laughter

On christmas day.. Jedric gave me a good laugh! yes a laughter with sound. normally paly with him he just laugh, opening his mouth but nothing comes out. no sound de…so happy… but it only last for a while.. then it’s back to normal

Today…while  waitting for the water for him to bathe, i just play tickle with him.. he laugh non stop. over and over again.. OMG i’m so happy and excited… i just can’t express how happy am i and want to announce to the whole world. what a sampat mimi…( i wan j-boy to call me mimi)

On Christmas day WS and SC came visit and brought Jboy his 1st ever Christmas toy. Jboy was really happy to receive it. He cannot take his eye away from the toy. SERIOUS.

(picture 1 prove the is drooling over his new toy)

(picture 2 still shows he is staring at his toy waiting to open up)

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I’d made my choise.. but..

I’d actually made my choise to be unbalance. to lead the unbalance life. however i’m too selfish to leave everythign behind especially the whole organization is entire new ppl. they wouldn’t know the ins and outs. yes i look too high on myself thinking i can help. but i juz wan to contribute and help even abit. i know i can do something. i know i am useful..

after my new manager pujuk me… so i tore the letter and give it another try..

i got to tell j-boy mummy is sorry that he have to wait for awhile more…

Great achievement

Today i manage to get back into my working pant!!!!!!

can you believe it? on the 1st week back to office i only manage to wear my khaki pants. it was like so tight fit. i wore it for the whole week *shy* *shy* no choise lah. i didn’t want to buy any pant which i know i’m going to wear only for few months. and pants are not cheap okay…

2nd week i manage to get into my JEANS. 🙂 yes, JEANS after wash! well i’m happy enough coz it’s already a big achievement. but now..even working pants also can masuk. how happy…

another great achievement was this morning… 9.5oz… can you believe it? me? 9.5oz? miki chua? who used to cry coz not enuf milk milk for j-boy? wow.. unbelievable happy.. 😀

New pump

My new toy reach yesterday. So i bring to work and manage to use once! too busy again. rush here rush there… don’t even hv time to sneak out.

however morning i pump 7.5oz and afternoon another 5.5oz. after work i pump another 7oz. i think the pump is really wokring. it’s draining out all my milk in me. great…

i am really proud of myself. i’m now consider 90% feeding him with BM. only at nite before sleeping i’ll feed him with formula. it is suppose to last longer at nite so i don’t need to wake up. but most of the time h a-b is the 1 getting up midnite.. hahahha…it also depending when is his last feed. normally he can last 7hrs before the next feed.

my supply is juz nice. not more not less. so i seriously need to increase my volume for rainny days. wondering what else can i do i increase… hai~

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Spectra or Medela

Yup again i’m thinking of buying breast pump. serious! and this time it’s going to be electrical-dual pump. just feel my manual pump is not working effectively. also i’m being influence by my neighbour who is is also a BF mom. she is like my motivater and my advisor.

she told me tat when i pump i need to get all out. example, if i hv 6oz inside i need to get all out. if i only get 4oz out, then my brain will tell my body that the baby juz need 4oz and it will only produce 4oz. no wonder i’m going lesser and lesser.

she is so kind to borrow me her pump and i manage to pump 5oz without must hassle. it’s easy and i don’t even need to massage my breast during pumping. *wow* and it’s not noisy at all.

so now i’m opting for medela mini electric plus  RM599 or spectra 3 RM388. 1 from US and 1 is from Korea. spectra should be a better coz it’s lesser noise. and when i survey, i saw the word “occasional used” for medela. i’m abit worried with the statement. however spectra3 MUST have power cord. There’s no battery function. but i think i won’t be using battery very often kua…

go home at 7pm. only manage to pump once today! so busy… i’d already guess loh.. surely day by day i’ll miss pumping. surely my production will be reduce soon… hai~~

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Pump in office

Manage to find time to pump in the office.

Twice with time interval 3-4 hrs. but i don’t think it’s going to last very long. sooner or later my meeting will fill in all the pumping time and my boss is going to get fed-up with me wasting time (at least for him) pumping. i need at least 30min to pump and to wash everything.

it’s also quite emberassing to wash those thing in the pantry but i have no choise. dun care lah..

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Came back from work. Wash his napkins. Sterilize his bottle. love doing all these. It’s like ..this is what mom is all about.

SInce yesterday he didn’t poo, so i just had to force him else i’ll need to bring him to clinic tomorrow. Luckily he is “kuai” enough. My clever good boy.

Only manage to pump 3.5 to 4oz per pump. *gosh* what happen.. seriously what happen to my 7oz??

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More helper

SIL went back with FIL.

THis morning manage to pump 7.5oz but reduce during afternoon to 3.5oz only. 😦

My parents also came at nite to visit J-boy.

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Long Monday

Today at work it’s feels like the hours is so long.. aiyo..

Parents in law (PIL) came together with my twin nephew and SIL.

5.30pm straight rush home, rupa rupa nia.. my mom also miss him. Mom came earlier this morning and bathe and shit him.

morning manage to pump 5oz. hopefully it will increase soon coz i’m sure when J-boy grow older he’ll need more.

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Tomorrow i’m going to work again….we are officially moving back to our own house which i think it’s going to be so lonely. Yup J-boy is going to be so lonely because no one is going to talk to him when i’m at work. poor boy….

he also had accidently call “ma” so loud. But i know he juz accidently do it.

Again at nite, before going to sleep i cannot hold back my tears. i was crying whole night. next morning, what else, eyes like goldfish loh..

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