GrandPa’s bday..

Not mine, but Jboy’s Grandpa who is also my papa~

He turn 59 this year. So fast he’s and old man. He should have a dozens of grandchild by now.. but too bad only Jboy. So it’s lucky Jboy getting all the attention…

We send to eat steamboat buffet RM15.90 each person at Dataran Pahlawan. b4 dinner i just let my son run around the huge padang. he’s soo excited and he couldn’t stop running. Some ppl even catch him and hug him for a photo to be taken~~ how weird. macam they kenal..

During dinner, he didn’t sit still for long. Maybe it’s the heat from the steamboat. it’s really hot and irritating.. we had to take turns to eat and bring him for a walk. Luckily the door of the shopping mall is just besides us, so we just bring him in the shopping mall and run of course with the aircorn.

After dinner we went back home for the cake… American Choc from Italy Bakery.. RM46

(Pa ask why so many candles? haha..)

( eeee…? my birthday again? )


( missing someone here… went to work.. kesian)


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