Jdric Talking Progress

I had a friend who’s son is 1day older than Jdric is already talking in sentence like daddy pao pao.

I have another friend who is 2 wks older than Jdric is already sitting himself at 4th mth, climbing the stairs at 6mth and walking at 8th mth! Jdric can only walk at 11mth..and i tot he was fast. which is obviously no good to be so fast la..now chasing him like mad~

Last week we went to a home fair and there was a deco of ceramic knife. Jdric pointing to the table and keeps saying “apple” it was a green apple! We only taught him red apple how he knows green apple is actually and apply? so smart…

Today he said a 3 syllabus word .. “ph-a-ple” while holding a CNY decoration pineapple. I’m so proud of him he could learn so fast.

Words he knows…

1 syllabus : bird, duck, t (key), car (can say but cannot recognise), ish (fish), nen-nen (milk), ah-wo (dog), goal and raise up his 2 hand

2 syllabus : ning-ning (swimming), th-ge (tiger) , apple, m-mah (grandma), m-pah (grandpa), mo mo (monkey, sometimes sounds like mama)

3syllabus : p-a-ple (pineapple)

Although there’s some words like he cannot pronounce but he understand like.. where’s the fan, where’s the light, keep your toys, mama shoot u (he’ll let do else i kutik his hand), do you wan to drink nen-nen? i ask him where in banana he’ll point at the chart B with a picture of banana, i say chau-chau he’ll cover his nose, wanna on song he’ll point at the tv, ask him to wait while i wrap him, he’ll wait… etc

sometimes his actions also shows he want something or doing something like he bring his shoe means he wanna go out kai-kai, he point at the table where i make milk means he wanna drink milk, he hold up his hand and make like aeroplane flying (his daddy teach him) , he kicks the ball, he take his toy car and go wooo wooo..

it’s amazing how a small child can learn so many things at once… and yet i still think of going back to work passing the baton to other ppl?

Weight : 11kg

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