It’s been a long long time

Jdric is 7y 8mth, Mvric is 5y 9mth and Fric is already 3yo. Now  i have a whole new range of things to worry. Especially with Jdric academics result. One hand is telling me to let go. Let him learn at his own pace.. let him be a child. On the other hand is asking me to push. Push as hard as he can mange. Never underestimate a child learning ability.

i mean common. we are not from a rich family where we can just leave things as it is. cant catch up? nvmd la. learn slowly la. one day u will know how. but what is the one day come late. very late. many year later? then he will nvr catch up with the rest of the things. we are sending him to a normal ordinary gov school where everybody suppose to learn at the same speed. if u dun catch up , there are many many things ahead of you, u will never able to touch…. eg: scholarship? unless we have few mil per child and he can do watever he wants. learn watever he wants. and go anywhere he wants. then.. i will have to agree… learn at ur own pace. drop out of gov school? nvmd.. we go private or international or even homeschool. private tutor. no problemo.

so with this i decided to change myself into a tiger mom. into a pushy mom. into a mom that pressure him as hard as he could take it. i decided that i want him to be the above average student. not a 100% perfect student.. but average at least. i am sorry son, u are the first born. everything will start with you and if nothing goes wrong, which i hope non, ur brother will also face the same pressure from mama. this is the BEST i can gv to u now. to stretch ur limit.


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