Chicken Pox days

Back fr kindy, J had some little red dots. I was thinking cld be some sensertive skin or allergy. But as nite came..they grew into little tiny pimple..i quickly call up principle to confirm. Jackpot, he had chicken pox and i am 36wks. Quickly brought him to the doc and send him back mlk. I immediately sanitise every single thing n toys..bedsheet and carseats.. all i could think off.

Tough days for me… he misses us here. After fon calls he wld go bonkers. Refuse to eat refuse to bathe. Everyday he beg grandpa or gugu to send him back. He claim he is better and no more chicken pox. Grandpa had to entertain him with activities. 2 long weeks. Luckily he understand that he had chix pox and therefore had to stay away.

And just before J return, M start to grow poxs!! I was in my 38wks!! *argh* how frustrating. M had whole body of pox and it was more severe than J. His mouth lips and i think even eyes coz it was swollen..i google and ask paed and gynae abt the severity and all confirm me tt i would hv pass he immunity to my NB. I pray to the Lord that it is true. After calculate 2wk fr M chix pox wld clear is on 5th May. Could the baby be waittig for the safe date?

God had his plans and i will trust in Him.






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