What you should know before – Getting pregnant

this is my 3rd pregnancy. All of it is not the same. I was working with my first preg and things were abit stress at work. Everybody seems to be getting on my nerve and those old ppl who came to their documents signed is always getting the unsatisfied result from me . Maybe if i wasnt preg i will handle it differently? i dunno..  second preg was more of emotional break down. everything i had to do alone. everything had to faced alone. and worst is tat i hv a younger toddler to take care and everything seems to be more difficult. where is my husband? he is of course far away “enjoying” his get away with his new shop. me? i am always crying alone..  this is my 3rd.. and i am still having frustration mode and breakdown mode… i dun cry alone anymore coz i just blow it out. but being very sensitive over anything. maybe if i wasn’t preg i wont feel this way? but this is just me.. i feel depress or down i dun wan to keep. i anger it out. keeping it will only make me having more breakdowns.

maybe some would say.. so what being pregnant? everybody need to pleased u? BUT not everyone just the person who impregnates me should at least be apart of this pregnancy. while the woman are constantly carrying a huge belly with pain and worries, the guys shld also be involve in other things like taking care their well being and emotions. no?

the hardest part of being pregnant is the supports around you. i recently knew a couple of friends who plans to keep their child alone.  i pity them.. and i pity the bb … how are they going to be 9mth preggy with no support from the partner. even i hv hubby i’m already breaking down all the time… and then with all the pregnancy symptom.. nausea, fatigue, reflux.. nobody to manja. nobody to take care.. i really wonder how.. really hv to be very very strong. *sigh*


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