Can only watch them

This boy is my first son.very caring and sensertive person… i had a terrible headache yesterday and cant wake up to do anything.  daddy also told him tat mummy is sick so be quiet. (I think) the whole day he was well behave. I slept whole day, when i was awake for 10min i started to vomit again.. i saw the whole house was in a messed. Full of toys… with my dying voice i told them to keep and they did. I dun even need to use the cane or shout at them.once said and it is done. Should remind myself less of yelling… or more of falling sick ? Hehe..

Looking at them, i felt relieve and continue my sleep, my elder son keep coming and take a look at me, i wasnt very concious, but i knew wat he did, he gv me his smelly pillow, kiss me on the forehead. keep coming back to check out on me too. Touching my face, my head and telling me “mama, dun sick sick”

My yonger son was also checking on me once awhile,asking me how am i and caressing my head.

When i am sick i can see them better, coz there is nothing i can do but to watch them while lying on the sick bed…..this is the time dun need to do anything just be with them… or perhaps they are being with me… thanks to hubby who did all the cooking and feeding..

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