Diaper-less Nightmare

J had not been wetting his diaper for few month and i decided to let him go diaper-less. Of course occasionally he did pee in his diaper but it’s like once every 3 wks? Actually it takes alot of courage for a mommy to let him go diaper-less because my bed i super expensive and it is NEW!

So we decided to them him sleep on the old queen bed for the start, 2nd day he start to leak pee and partially of my older queen size mattress is wet. I tot yeah, maybe it’s just an accident which happen sometimes. So the next day i let him go diaperless again.. guess what?!! The half of my mattress is wet, soak with pee. I’m so confuse. So the following night we wrap him again. Since then, every diaper is wet in the morning. 😦 but 1 thing for sure, there is no nightmares.

My guess is, each time he tahan his pee, he’ll get frustrated and angry. Then he starts to have nightmare or being frustrated then hit me!  So we actually have around 1 month of sweet sleep without being kick, hit at~ However every night i still remind him, “don’t pee in you diaper, wanna shh shh (pee) tell mama”

Recently he starts to go back to square one. Yup the kicking and the hitting starts again.. and guess what.. no wet diaper.

So now, shld i let him sleep soundly with wet diaper OR diaper-less but anger and frustration? hm…

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