Homeschooling Part 1


(few of the DIYs)

My first pieces was the “join-the-dot” that i look for pictures online and paste into power point. Print it out and laminate is so that i could reuse again and again. Of course to save on the lamination i have printed back and front. The work piece was abit hard and difficult for J to draw as we don’t have a toddler chair and table suitable for his height. So he had to stand so that he can reach the edge of the work piece.

My 2nd work piece is the “trace the alphabets” but i realise he isn’t ready yet. so i’ll just keep is until he can draw a straight line.


( recyclable chart – shapes & colours on the back)

Next i prepare a chart of shape and colour with a old plastic photo frame from IKEA. i don’t think they still sell this. Printed front and back and colour them with my 18yo colour pencil. This way i can switch the position of the colours and shapes and make sure he don’t memories the position of them.


( old transparent folder )

Then i realise the laminations will cost me alot if i were to keep doing it. Then “light bulb” i took the old folder from my resignation-box-from-1st-company. It is a clear plastic to slot in A4 paper and this way i can reuse the plastic and also print as much as A4. (but i don’t need to reuse the plastic as i have many of them) brilliant! i don’t need to spend anything except the colour printer. and i can files all his material nicely and neatly.

Of course i do have other materials like  2 sticker book and 1 Gakken workbook. So actually i DO have many things for me to homeschool my boy. Just need some discipline to use it :p

p/s : this is my 1st of many many post with picture bcoz i realise my tab which i use to take photo hv wordpress apps. after all these while…


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Part 1

  1. Just a suggestion to you to include a variety of eye-hand coordination, left/ right orientation pre-writing and pre-reading skills of a tactile-kinesthetic nature, e.g. Corn meal in pie tin to practice tracing alphabet or sand paper letters before doing paper-pencil tasks. My background was Montessori administrator and teacher trainer. The Montessori philosophy, teaching methods, and hands-on creative learning materials (many of which can be easily made) are superior for early childhood/primary programs. Maybe you are already familiar with what I have shared with you. Home schooling and non-traditional educational methods are what I have always encouraged! God bless you!

    • Hehe.. thank you so much for your suggestion.. will try to use them. my son still can’t hold the pencil properly. maybe need to practice the skill with tracing method.

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