Getting over it

After a great rejection i’d finally manage to get over it. Gave a big thought about it before sleep and what went wrong. Trying to understand my child better.

I recall the whole incident from the start. In fact it has nothing to do with my son at all. Firstly if i were the teacher i would pre prepared all my craft materials earlier. Before even class starts. They (consist of 4 teacher/helper) was kelam-kabut-ing. They expect all the children range from 3 to 6  yo to sit down nicely while they cut out all the shape and material to be pasted on the lantern. (it was a bunny lantern they are doing) Of course my boy would sit for 1min and run off. Who wouldn’t? Infact if adult to be sitted there would also start to talk and do their own things.

Secondly, they knew my son is the youngest they would prepare all his stuff and make him want to participate. Instead of expecting him to participate with his own will… They told him if he didnt’ sit down nicely they will not prepare his materials. My son, i know him. You need to tell him that it is his things and he can use to to make into a lantern. Without anything on his table, what do you expect. Run off again lor.. there’s nothing for him to work on. nothing to keep him busy. Cut it short, they should concentrate on him as he is new and youngest.

Thirdly, if i were them, i would had started something for him and let him continue. He still can figure out what are all those big pcs of paper going to turn into a lantern. Let him see the connection. Or maybe just let him colour the lantern is actually a huge achievement.

So, after much thought, i knew they weren’t experience in handling kids. or maybe young kids. they don’t have much patience and not too sincere in teaching. they focus on the end result which i didn’t expect him to finish the lantern. I’m glad and happy if he can sit and listen. take instruction and follow. well.. my goal now is to find someone who can handle him, patience enough and sincere in teaching. 😉

i’m not feeling better coz i push the blame on someone else. i am feeling better because i knew that if there is a place for him it will definitely be a good place with good teachers and helper. and i’m glad i knew him better, how to handle him too. i also learn some tips about art and craft to do at home 😛


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