Very HUGE step!

I wanted to send J to creativity class a month back but every time we stop by, the school is close. I didn’t bother to call just don’t want to give the teacher hopes that we WILL join in. I wanted to look arnd and let J look arnd and see if he really wanted it. Finally ytd we were arnd and i called up to ask if she is open. She said YES. So we went and get to know more about the creativity class… is actually art class but i won’t call it art class because that is NOT the only thing they learn.

My 1st intention is to let him learn to listen and be discipline. When to church children ministry a few times, but J wasn’t listen and keep doing his own things and running arnd. I feel very disappointed for not being able to control him.  I didn’t want to pressure him by sending him to nursery as it is too stressful and maybe it will back fire. So i choose some creativity class.. is either art or music. But i myself don’t really like the theoritical part of music. How can my son like it? It’s so boring. How can a 3yo like it? So art class it is. So happen to bump into the brochure of this My Art Studio.

Teacher is very pretty! She also have 2 kids 3yo and 1yo like me. Her class max 12ppl which i think reasonable coz he is having another helper. her teaching is base on imagination rather than Photostat and colour, hair must be black, watermelon must be green and chicken must hv 2 legs and so on. she based on creativity of children and shldnt limit their creativity. she also said. children before 8yo’s creativity is like artist van gogh.  so with very much pros i decided he shld go for it.

Send him for his craft lesson day 1, 2 hrs. I teman him for 30min and told him i’ll leave. He didn’t notice or too excited playing he wasn’t paying attention when i leave.  i waitted at opposite restaurant and eat my breakfast incase teacher call. nope… 30min pass nothing happen. i decided to go home. 1hr later i went back, he was sitting on the couch playing ipad. teacher’s ipad! teacher told me he couldn’t sit still, cannot pay attention, touch & mess up all her things. She told me to come back again next year. probably he’ll be ready by then. 😦

i didn’t want him to learn to draw. i just want him to learn to sit still and listen and be afraid of the teachers. 😦 *sigh*

But 1 remarkable success i made today is to bring 2 of them out for makan in Old Town Aeon Rawang! *yippie* something to be happy after all?

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