one after another

i was day dreaming while cutting the garlics and i accidentally slice off a chunk of my middle finger. the blood cannot stop and i had i ask J to take tissue for me so that i can take the first aid box without dripping my blood all over *sigh*

so i told myself i can’t cook and need to go tapao. and since i’m gg out might as well juz go tesco and get some groceries. fish, prawn, pork … yeah i’m rich aunty go tesco and not wet market. after i reach home i realize i forgot to ask them to clean the fish! so i had to do it myself with an injured finger!

carefully i try not to wet the finger so much, and carefully not to re-injured the finger and carefully not to accidentally cut another finger or hand. i manage to clean all the fish and meat. thank God

i continue to heat up my food that i tapao, carefully trying to trasfer the food to the bowl my ring finger touch the burning stove and wala~~ toasted finger 😦

i wonder if tonite my dinner cooking in the oven i’ll burn my other hand or not 😦




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