Very sad oh

I nearly forgotten what was my blog url :S

Recently a met a friend who has some disability or shall i say ability. Tourette syndrome.. is a condition that causes people to make repeated, quick movements or sounds that they cannot control. As for her, he hit herself. Ppl is staring (i know) and when i was sitting next to her i saw her tahan-ing. *sob* i feel so sad for her because she didn’t want to do it but she can’t control. Often ppl misunderstand her as mental problem. BUT i’m very sure she is NOT. damn smart lagi tu~~ Her syndrome was only detected when she was 8-9yo. I’m sure her parent must be devastated as this is an incurable sickness.

Today, i was told that my neighbour’s youngest dotter, had detected some blood disorder. Her haemoglobin is bursting and cannot generate fast enough. So within 3wks her haemoglobin will be so less that she needs to go for blood transfusion. i could feel the mom.

She is a very strict mom. Everyday i could hear her doing revision with her dotters. While she is cooking she wants them to read aloud to her. After lunch and dinner there’s be another round of revision. She cooks everyday and she make sure they eat every meals. She plant her own vege and fruit and she eat organics stuff. She is so perfect to give all the good stuff to her children. Not only that, her glass door sparkles everyday, her garden is so neat and no weeds. She is really a perfect hardworking housewife. And yet this…

Life is really so vulnerable, when you’re pregnant all sorts of tiny things could caused a miscarriage. When they are born, you prayed so hard they have just the right amount of hand and leg, with everything in tact and the right place. When they grow up, you prayed so hard that no sickness or illness. Even they they are old enough you prayed that they are safe even walking across the street.

I need to remind myself just appreciate with whatever or however they are now. Take it easy, don’t eat then no need to eat lor, don’t behave then let them be lor.. just take life easily and thank God they are healthy kids.

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