Continuous torturing

First Mboy got his ulcer which grew bigger and bigger and i had to use medication to cure it. Then Jboy had bad diarrhea, luckily during the Salmonella outbreak we were at Malacca and medication were cheaper. And away from the “contagious” house!  When we’re back, i’ll do a sanitizing in the kitchen and sterilise all the things that uses by both of them.

After a week in Malacca, waking up in my own place today, my neck and shoulder decide to give me up, started to ache and cannot move too much. Stiff neck and shoulder came attacking me again.Then when i was trying to warp M in his diaper, just when i lift  him up, crack! I heard my upper back had a loud crack, somewhere behind my chest. I immediate have to put down M, cannot lift M anymore, ultimate pain. I can’t even breathe properly! I must had injured by back trying to lift M while sitting. then my body cannot turn. But i still have laundry to wash, kithcen to sanitize, meals to cook. *argh*

Also this morning woke up, M penis is abit swollen (due to swimming in the club?) due to phimosis again?!! and Jboy is down with flu. As i was cooking J decided to poo in his pant! Already so phobia with all the raw food and SHIT now i got to clear a 3yr old pants and the floor when he already potty trained! After clearing up, M decided to SHIT!!! on the floor and floor mat! *argh* with my stiff neck and shoulder, body aching i need to do all the unnecessary work!

I just wanna kill myself and solve all these


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