9mth Mboy

M had  grown 2 ulcer.. 1 on the tongue and 1 on the upper lips. *sigh*

Before the ulcer, i saw plastic piece roughly 8mm x 1mm in his diaper, out from his stool. It came from 1 of the toy car. So i guess the plastic piece must had cut his lips and tongue and caused the ulcer. 😦 It grew bigger until ytd i told hubby to buy the watermelon frost & some gel for kids. Apply the watermelon frost in the morning and the gel in the afternoon after shower and nite before sleep.

I normally don’t like to apply those easten medication, not because i don’t trust their capability, but i don’t trust the way the make it! Probably last time works wonders but now… u never know what they put in it~~ but this time i got  no choice. I’d read from the internet that it can be .. possibly be “oral thrush” and if it is .. then it will be super problematic. So i don’t want to wait for the ulcer to cure itself (which it normally would after 2wks or so ) miki chua the biasa no patience wanna quickly cure it. So apply tiny wieny bit shouldn’t be a problem kua~~~

Teething : (J only had 3 teeth)

– 2 lower –> 4 upper –> 2 lower

Motor Skill : ( J only can lift himself to stand)

– can stand without holding to anything

– tip-toe bouncing on the floor of course holding to something… especially there’s music

– climb the stairs!

Communication :

– he interacts with us by making sounds and wait for us to response and then he response

– when i tell him ” don’t take my specs ah~” his hand will come and grab it fast, he understands

– he somehow can understand when J ask him to chase him

Food :

– still don’t eat much, maybe 2 spoon full

– i tried to gv him tasteless ( no salt, no sugar) food but he refuse to even open his mouth so i just might as well gv him watever J eats.

– i don’t blend his food coz he prefer to bite them himself

Habit : 

– sucking thumb

– clingy and cannot see if there’s nobody arnd

Interest :

– bathing especially if i let the water fall onto his head/face

– he likes the “Baby Genius : baby & parent” CD

– love shopping / get out from the hse. he’ll bounce for excited and u can see his face smiling from ear to ear! sometimes even laugh out loud!

Over all he is everything faster compare to his koko. I think he’s another hyper kid AND I AM GONE!!

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