M’s went for check up last month

Weight : 9.5kg

Height : 80cm

Still drinks more BM and don’t really  likes to eat solid.. max can go up to 2 spoon full that’s all

Can stand on his own and try to let go his hand. There’s once i catch him trying to walk a few step while holding on to the coffee table. But not very stable.

He have 4 half grown teeth on the top. Can’t really say which came up first because his gums is rather funny. His teeth all can be seen hiding behind his gums. Just the matter of when his gums gonna burst. In fact at 3rd month can already seen his molar but until now have not burst out. See only the whitish tip. So now his 2 bottom teeth had grown out first and now follow by 4 front-top teeth all at the same time.

He loves water like his big bro. Whenever he is unhappy just send him to bathe/shower he’ll be happy again. And i tot babies doesn’t like water on their face but  M is diff. He love it when shower directly on his face. Hah~ my boys is always different.


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