He is always the sweetest boy

J had just finish his antibiotic today. Flu for nearly a month, followed by cough. I didn’t know if he had bad appetite due to sick or just wanna test my patience. I’d tried many ways to beg him to eat

(1) He covered his mouth with his hand and refuse to take it off. I  cane his hand until 4 stripe at least on his hand and he still refuse to take it off!

(2) I normally will let him watch Tom and Jerry, so i threaten to off his cartoon and punish him to look at the wall. Guess what?! He automatically off my computer and volunteer to stand and look at the wall!

(3) I bride him that he would eat his rice i’ll give him 2 ice cream, yakult and chocolate! He told me “mama, no chocolate, no ice cream, no yakult”

(4) Trick him with meat and vege

Today lunch.. i decide not to talk to him, let him starve, don’t let him have his milk.

(1) I on his fav cartoon and let him listen to the sound…
(2) Eat ice cream, pringles, drink 100plus infront of him
(3) Ignore him
(4) Play with Mavric happily and told him i love him bcoz he is a good boy eat rice
(5) Told Mavric i’ll bring him shopping, jogging, swimming etc..
(6) Tempt him with his milk

All fails~~ i’m angry but according to some parents, they are happy enough if their kids would just drink milk. Nurse also told me that as long as he drink his milk, just let him be.. allow him to eat biscuits and bread is also good enough. Well, in order not to get high blood pressure i won’t wanna force him unless i need too.

Dinner time, i just prepare my own food and pretend that it wasn’t for him.. i didn’t put into his bowl… i ask him if he would like to have some and he did. 😉 Maybe he doesn’t like it, if it is meant for him..


Despite of all the “torturing” from me, when i was preparing dinner, he help me to take care of Mavric. Mavric was crying as usual (like kena cekik) loud and non-stop in the playpen. J stood there and play with M. He sing “itsy bitsy spider” to M. He even mimic me calling M, “baby baby” and keep trying to make M laugh by pretending to laugh himself! Oh.. my tears really wanna rolls down… He always makes me regret treating him the way i’m not suppose to *SIGH*

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2 thoughts on “He is always the sweetest boy

  1. I have noticed that children these days are a lot smarter than we were. Take for example, my nieces and nephews, and J. If they’re not hungry, or if they don’t feel like eating rice on that particular day, they show it to us adults.

    So perhaps, instead of getting angry at them ad forcing them to eat, we could ask them, what would they prefer? Would they prefer biscuits and Milo? Or would they prefer bread with peanut butter? I think the most important lesson here is being able to communicate with the little ones.

    But of course, you might have picked this up too, since you have two boys now 😀 Nevertheless, it’s good writing all these down so that when your children grow up, you can show them this blog! Haaahaa… (evil laugh)

    • ya, i also write it all down as a journal. i can read them back (and i do) and laugh at how i react or handle them. haha..

      and yes, u’re rite, even M can show his like and dislike whenever i feed him.

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