Ideal Schedule

So.. i used to have a very fixed routine when i raised up J. He was also a very cooperative. Now we’d move into our new place, i need to set a fixed and more strict routine for both of them so that i can have more time for myself.


Wake up at 9.30am prepare and changed them..

10am – breakfast for me and also prepare lunch

11.30am – M will take his short nap while i do my cooking

12pm – if possible feed J b4 M wakes. Sometimes M decides to join us so i’ll feed 3 of us. together.

1.30pm – after washing all the dishes, 3 of us takes a long bathe

3pm – all goes for a long nap. Sometime M decides not to nap so i’ll delay him like 30min. Proper calculation, J can sleep up to 3hours and M can only sleep 1.5hour max. He seldom sleep more than 2 hours. *sigh*

During this time i’ll prepare dinner, and do all the cleaning, tidying.

5pm – after they wake we’ll do nothing because there’s nothing to do.

5.30pm – cook our dinner.

6pm – Feed J and let M entertain himself with his biscuit but ideally will be him taking his short nap (again)

After the feeding all will go for another long shower.

After the shower will be ‘our-time’ time. I will try to off all my gadget and spend time with them. WTH already whole day spend time still need to spend time. haha..

everything yet to change as M grows up he’ll take twice nap and slowly 1 time.. just like J

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