What do you expect from the rally?

Some join the rally wanna show heroic, some join wanna feel how tear gas felt like, some join wanna make havoc, some join wanna fight and beat up some ppl, some join wanna change to government, some join wanna get justice.. alot lah. BUT i would love to join the rally (but i couldn’t) to show my face and let the whole world government  know what we want.. simple, we just want a fair election. Also to let all the ppl in the kampong who don’t give a damn, knows that it is NOT right to think that “is like that wan lah”  Surely after the rally the news will show on TV FB and many ppl will be alert on how many ppl is actually wanting the right thing and it is not WRONG wanting the right thing.

If there is NO fair election, elec for what? Show meh~ Better just nominate xx to be the government for the rest of the life and even better make it a LAW to make sure xx are the rightful government forever and ever..

I’m very disappointed, up till TODAY many ppl thinks that it is faith that we have to live in this unfairness and being bullied and corruption nation. Some still practice closed-door attitude. I mean it is OK, to mind your own biz but hello, we talking about our future and our kids future. You may live comfortably now but how about your next generation. Or maybe some of you don’t even bother because you don’t plan to have a next generation. Or some is rich enough to just run away and migrate. Well good for you. But if you’re non of the 2, pls think again and findout why ppl want a change.

I don’t relly care who is the government and who is the head. I just need fairness and less corruption. I”m sure whoever will be the government will surely have some corruption here and there. But don’t lah makan our money and be proud and show to the world… “I got my blue diamond ring, you “chui” meh?” make ppl more tulan only loh~~

Having the new government may not be the best but it’s worth a try .. if everything is fair then ppl will do their best to compete.


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