Desperate Housewife

Ytd was not so successful day of being alone. I did manage to get everything done but M was having a terrible time. Crying all day! I got stuck with “draw something” that my dinner wasn’t prepared earlier. 😛 Normally i’ll prepare when they both were sleeping and then when it’s time for dinner, i don’t need to waste too much time cutting or slicing.

Today is GREAT. I do all the laundry, cooks for lunch put them both to sleep and take the longest bathe since i delivered! A bath tub bubble bathe. i feel peace…. no sound, only birds chirping outside and soak in water… ah~~ i wish i can have this once a week! Totally feel like 1 of the characters in the movie “Desperate Housewife”

I tot i wanna nap too but it’s already 4pm after my long bathe ( i think nearly 1 hour, hah!) so i decide to take a cup of tea and CNY left over biscuit but it still taste great and blog about this happy day ~~ 😀


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