Rivalry had just started

Just a couple days ago i’m saying how sweet he is, *ouch* and ytd he punch his lil bro on the forehead. They were on the mattress. J was playing in his iphone and M was flipping left and right not knowing where he was going. Then he end up in front of J and I think J got frustrated M block his view so he karate him on the forehead. OR he was too excited playing the shooting plane so act that way.

This is why i hate when he play with games, he is always too into it. Few times he waited until last min to tell me he wanna go shh shh. Sometimes he even pee in it. *argh*


We, four of us, went for a fullmoon dinner. For the very first time, M sleep in the pram not entirely but half of the dinner. i’m already very glad and happy he manage to sleep tru at least half of it. I LOVE HIM for that ๐Ÿ˜›

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One thought on “Rivalry had just started

  1. Whoa… hopefully he not that strong when whacking his lil’ brother oh… for me, I always make sure there’s some distance between my 2 kids ler… Ben doesn’t like it when his sister touches him. Sometimes I put her on my lap and Ben likes to lean on my legs, my girl pulak kenot tahan must go kacau the brother wan, so use her legs kick and nudge her brother la, use fingers pull his hair la, so Ben will go warning first ‘Aik! Don’t touch Ben ko-ko affawards Ben ko-ko scolding / ta-ta you!!!!!’

    Sometimes I’ll lie to him and said it’s mummy’s hand – normally this happened when she really pull or nudge him too hard and I can really feel he’s gonna whack her back so quickly lie to him then he stops and continue his things ๐Ÿ˜›

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