Fell from Bed

When J was nearly 1yr old he fell from the bb cot. It was an accident that i think if can rewind the time i’ll still put him in the bb cot. Anyway i was downstairs hanging clothes, just got a gut feeling something bad will happen but i ignore. Baby cot was way up to J’s chest level. How could he get out rite? Anyway he manage to CLIMB out. *bom* that’s the only thing i heard downstairs no cry. I ran up and on the way i heard him cry.. maybe he is a bit super hyper cannot stop running today is due to the fall.

M nearly fall from the bed during our sleep too. I was sleeping blurr blurr then i feel him at my feet. Jump up he was an inch away from the edge. So now i’ll put pillow not only left and right but below him. 10th Feb, midnite i heard *bom* and scream. M fell on the floor even he is secure with pillow. He kick the pillow away! Luckily we were sleeping on the 6inch mattress so still not too bad.

Today *sob* *sob* i drop him. 😦  Playing with him on the bed, then i saw the needles wasn’t kept. So i left him on the bed and keep the needle on the sewing machine. Then i turn around witness him fall to the ground with his bump first and then fall on his back. Head knock knock… *sigh* this is NOT an accident but totally my mistake. At 5.5mth fell so many times. I am really such a useless mummy… so many incident still never learn!

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One thought on “Fell from Bed

  1. Alamak…. poor little guy! Even my girl on the bed now, I put pillows around her like U shape. She can’t crawl to front yet but flipping to left and right and crawl backwards she can do (few cms).

    Not useless la, no matter how hawk eye we see, cannot monitor all the time! Just gotta do our best to protect lor…

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