BB M first trip

Back dated to 26 Jan (4th day of CNY) :

BB M very first trip (besides back and forth fr KL and Melaka) We went to Bukit Gambang Water Resort. Ha-B was the one entertaining J all the time. Brought him to the water park, played with his cousins. M and I were in the room coz tat place wasn’t suitable for him. We did went down but M took this opportunity to sleep tru out the water park session. My back and shoulder nearly fall into pieces carrying him while he sleep. :S i didn’t went into the water. Just look from far how happy both my J was. We only stayed a nite there and i was like thank God as least to the beach i can let M sit on the ‘bumbo chair’ while i play with the sand/sea.

Next day off to Cherating, which is arnd 30min fr Bkt Gambang but we took 2hrs coz we detour into Kuantan town. Bought junkies thinking can i’ll hv time to relax on the beach and watch them play. Upon reaching, everybody changed into their swimsuit including me and M. When down it was slightly drizzling, but it is ok. J was afraid of the sand!! Alamak.. he didn’t want to be put down. So i trick him to play the wave a little, and run whole he tries to catch me coz me wants me to carry him. Ok-lah after awhile he was OK with the sand which is more dense near the water.

Then i pick up J to play with the sand, he isn’t happy… then i get his leg to touch the sea water, he was too afraid pulak. The wave was abit loud when it crashes to the beach. It is monsoon season what u expect rite? So i didn’t want to gv him a bad experience decided to go back to the room. On the way back, i was to tempted to jump into the pool so i tot, since we’re both changed why not. We had a little short dip, playing with the pool.. but M wasn’t really happy. he looks bored. So i guess he must be sleepy! (At home had to force him to sleep, now we’re on our trip he wants to sleep, *argh*) Back to the room bath and changed him. Put him to sleep…short while, M is awake again. So i went down and saw my J doing a back flip into the pool! OMG really brave of him and everybody was thinking he was brave jumping into the pool wait till they see his back flip. He even have names for it. “dolphin”

He was happy i can see but too happy until refuse to come out from the pool. He got no choice but to pull him out and carried him way back to the hotel room while he screams and shout. *sigh* suppose to be happy but end up this way. We tried talking to him, telling him there’s tomorrow and still can play again. Not working of course…

2nd day at Cherating, worst i didn’t even dip into any pool or sand! Just carrying M and sit by the pool. *argh* this is so not me… i never let go any chance to dip or to the beach! How my life had change now..

I’d made my decision, until M can walk i’m not gg anywhere to stay over nite again. Waste my time travelling… didn’t enjoy at all.



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