How not to love him ♥

When i first return from the hospital after deliver, my eldest son Jdric wasn’t a little bit jealous. In fact he is excited as everyone else welcoming his lil bro. Not to forget he was also missing me alot and i am missing him too much too. He share his cookies with him and when didi cry he is the 1st person to rush there – maybe he is kepochi  😉

Other times while didi in the playpen, i’ll see many toys inside he is trying to share with his didi. However i will stop him from doing that because afraid that the toys might cut or scratch didi. I think i’m the only mother who tells the kor kor don’t share with didi (yet)

Sometime he will take his toys and show it to didi, “car”, “truck” he said. I also saw him sharing his iphone with his didi while playing the xylophone. He on the music, take it up in front his didi face, when didi turn away he’ll walk the other side and show it to him. So loving of Jdric.

Yesterday i was accompanying Jdric for his potty time, then didi suddenly cry, he point toward didi “mama carry” – he ask me to go carry didi. Then while i was changing diaper didi also cry Jdric suddenly run away and came back with a pacifier 😀

He is actually a very super kor kor. Everything we (he and i ) used to do together he doesn’t mind anymore. Even sleep he will ask me to hug him or hold his hand until he fall asleep but now.. i tell him mama need to feed baby nen nen or attend baby, he will roll over to 1 corner and sleep himself. It’s like he don’t mind sharing his mama with baby. He knows he need to share, he is willing to share.

However when grandpa carry didi he will tell point to didi’s bed and tell grandpa “put baby” hahah.. and he will use lotsa tricks. But he don’t really mind, he didn’t show any sign of jealousy. Maybe he is still young? In fast he love to hold his didi’s hand, kiss him and hug him. Sometime didi cry he wants to carry – this is the scary part.

There’s once i was brushing my teeth, didi cry i saw him comforting didi, giving the pillow and look at didi like asking him “is there anything i can do” that moment really melt my heart away. But there’s also once, i tot i saw him on top of his didi i quickly finish up and scold and wack him. Then i ask ” why you do tat” – i tot i saw he press his didi or something – wasn’t wearing spec. But he told me, “mama carry” – he wanted to carry his didi coz his didi cry. then i recall he memang always carry his didi or attempt to carry his didi whenever he cry *sigh* terrible mama.

one of the video i manage to capture look at his expression when didi cry.. haha

this was the sweet moment he just stare at his didi – can’t wait for him to grow up and play together

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