DIY : Breast Pad / Nursing Pad

Now I’m tergila gial to recycle my small sized clothing or unwanted clothing.

Did self made breast pad, try try lah. Not say waste or what. The t-shirt is going into the rubbish bin anyway.

Cut out a few of circular shape and stack 8pcs together (i stack 5 pcs only coz afraid the sewing machine cannot go tru), sew. Done.. actually i wanted to do an insang pari stitch at the side but too lazy. Don’t even know if the handmade breast pad could work. I’m also suppose to sew a triangle so that the pad is not 2D. Lazy 😛 Not say i’m going to use it for outing, so need to be perfect-lah. Normally for outing i’ll use the disposable can stick to the bra. Else the padding fell off while i’m shopping – dunno where to bury my face.

only manage to do 3 pcs from the tshirt

Actually i find the commercial breast pad is kinda over price (the 1 i bought 2 yrs ago – Av*nt) Nearly RM20 per pair. And it shrunk! I kept 1 pair and i compare it with the used, it shrunk nearly 1cm diameter. It is already quite small and now it shrunk. So now since i’m DIY-ing i try to made it larger so that it will have a full coverage.

made bigger pad for more coverage

Don’t play play.. my breast pad is branded

branded breast pad

T ried out the DIY pad ytd, size is OK but it manage go tru little. Should just follow instruction and stacked up 8pcs instead 5pcs. Smart Alec!


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