DIY : Poncho Nursing Cover

I don’t really need a nursing cover as bad as previously with Jdric bcoz i foresee that i’ll be at home all the time. Unlike last time with Jdric i am always shopping the moment i finish my confinement. But  being at home also i’ll have my parent, brother, in laws walking around. To purchase it is really a waste of money lo.. So what i had decided is to do it myself. But with what?  Convert something into something is the best DIY. Totally save money..and i can dispose the things that i doesn’t wan anymore…

(1) Get a nice dress/skirt – when i purchase it definitely i’m in love with it, but it is now it is a junk coz i can’t wear is anymore. It is in “S” size. I definitively COULD NEVER go back to that size. But since i love the pattern so much i decided to keep it and now it is useful again. When i measure the waist is half of my waist now. 😦

S size skirt that i love so much

(2) Cut open the zipper area but i didn’t cut i just open up all the stitch, and i have an extra zipper for future used ( i dunno wat i will do with it yet :P)

(3) The waist part i insert a plastic so tat my poncho have a bone for me to look tru at the baby instead of keep opening with my hand. BB also can breathe better inside. Bone? Don’t worry no need to buy… Guess what i used?

I always think why waste the cover but really don’t hv any purpose besides being a garbage

(4) Stitch the bone in place so don’t move here and there.

(5) Can either sew a piece of cloth to hang over the neck or get another cannot-wear-anymore-clothes. For me it’s simple i have a halter neck top that i can’t wear so i just reused it for my poncho. Since the clothe is abit rubbery so i just stitch both end tight. When i want to use it can just tarik to expand the neck part. Unless using a non-rubbery-cloth i’ll need to sew a button or ribbon to ease when hang arnd my neck. One side i sew into a rose because i want to tighten the stitch. Mana tau 1 day i tarik tarik the whole piece terjatuh) and i don’t want it to look ugly with so many untidy stitches so the rose is a cover-up. hahaha

rose as cover-up

So now, i can keep my skirt and i have a poncho that cost nothing except time.

Look at the round tulang

Just to clarify.. i didn’t think of this myself lah.. i’m not that creative.. i just do research on how to DIY a poncho and i found many ppl are doing it. I just get the idea and start converting my unused baju 😀


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