Baby stuffs are expensive

Now days everything concerning baby is expensive. I have a list of few things i wish to have but can live without it… i just love to have it if it’s free.. 😀

(1) Nursing cover

Been joining alot of giveaway (more than 10) but can’t win anything. Not so lucky i guess. So thinking of getting myself 1? Gosh you won’t believe the price, it’s RM100 plus. Then decide to choose a very simple poncho cover instead but the square-clothe-tat-looks-like-apron cost arnd RM40? I can just easily use a napkin to cover actually and i hardly go out so i dun really need it but it’s good to have coz there are still my in laws, parent, brother walking arnd.

(2) Nursing pillow

I have backache so breastfeeding is actually a very stressful thing for backache but i could easily replace it with a normal pillow so it didn’t really bother me to get it. Anyway the pillow look just like a normal head rest pillow only bigger and it is around RM100 plus too.

(3) Baby Ring Sling

Glamour lah. Everybody is having 1 and looks so easy to use. With my baby keep clinging to me so getting 1 is not a bad idea but it’s nearly RM200!  I have 1 conventional gendong bought by my beloved cuz from Jakarta. There’s no ring, just 1 piece of long sarung clothe. I don’t know how to tie the knot, so it’s abandon there since Jdric was born. Recently searching internet i found out that i can convert it into a “sling ring” but need to purchase the ring of course.

(4) Nursing bra

Without wire, no padded, single hook can easily cost RM40 cheapest i’d seen. And even that, to get the size i’m wearing is not easy. I have to go Mark&Spencer to get a proper nursing bra. But tat was back then when i’m still working and don’t mind getting a decent-expensive bra. But now….tak rela spend tat money. 1st experience nursing Jdric, all my old bra is either spoilt or stain due to not wearing for too long. Some are still nice but i can’t wear it coz it’s really inconvenient. Actually can also convert the old bra to the nursing bra which i’m going to try soon.

All these can easily DIY and it really save alot. The best part is, i love to DIY but i don’t want to spend something and get another thing. It’s like buying it. So normally i will choose to convert something into something. I’m not good at it, but who cares, i’m not selling but using it myself. Who cares if the stitches is ugly, just make sure it’s steady can dy lo~~


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