After 3 weeks since last visit, mummy gain 1kg … baby also gain 1kg. So…. meaning.. again… i didn’t gain any weight but all absorb by bb. And again my bb is being a very huge eater toward final month.. AND AGAIN IT’S A HUGE BABY! 3kg now! (suppose to be arnd 2.6kg)

But anyway doc say my bb’s head is engage already ! *yeah* *yeah* (compare to Jdric last time no engagement at all) Altho there’s no dilation yet but bb M can come out already anytime so get ready.. However due to this engagement, my groin is SUPER DUPER PAINFUL!!!!  i cannot walk properly, cannot lift my legs too high. I cannot straight away stand or get down from bed. I really feel like crying out loud! If bb M gets too big, i’m still unable to hv a natural birth due to 2 reason

(1) Rupture and tear due to my csec previously

(2) Pelvic bone or the passage way is fix ( i dunno wat he actually means lah), therefore if bb too huge bb is unable to squeeze tru the bone. There is no such thing as pelvic expanding he said. hm… abit doubtful but i shall not worry too much as God will know what’s best for me. Maybe my doc juz wanna be safe than be sorry

Mummy’s weight : 86kg

Baby’s M weight : 3kg

Since baby M is such a good boy; being engage.. mummy bought (but daddy pay) a set of PJ from World of Babies for him (6-12mth) juz in case he is huge. =D

Preparation for Jdric, daddy bought a set of book and mummy found a set of toys in the store room. I’m going to bring it together with me to the hospital and when Jdric see his didi i’m going to tell him it’s from didi. Hopefully he’ll accept his didi better. I’m also planing to send Jdric off to Selayang after i deliver too. Sad, but i don’t think i can manage him. Even this moment, i’m already too in pain and tired to chase him arnd. After delivery I’m afraid i’ll be even more tired and too painful to take care of him. I’m sure 1wk won’t hurt kua….. i really feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guilty about it.


2 thoughts on “Engagement

  1. i will see after my delivery i’m exhausted or wat.. my 1st delivery i was very energetic even after delivery.. but 2nd.. i dunno.. so.. backup plan is to send him to Selayang until i regain my energy

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