This is the worst thing ever i have to deal with Jdric now. He is stepping into the stage where everybody is saying it’s the “terrible two”. To make things worst is that i’m not fully 100% with him, there are many other ppl living with us teaching him all the nonsense. They don’t have to be direct teaching him but mimicking them is already enough to kill me.

Ever since he was able to understand things , i’m trying very hard to change myself so that he won’t follow my bad habits and also to take care of my every single action that he might follow or learn.

(1) stop throwing things instead walking over and put it down

(2) cursing

(3) doing things in front of him that we might follow like digging my ear, using my feet/toes to “operate” things…etc

His most recent habit is to shout and hit (especially me) when he is unhappy or frustrated. What i read was he was mimicking “someone” who always uses the hand to beat. He started with raising his hand wanting to beat and now he is brave enough to hit. I foundout who issit..exactly same pattern. My mil that is… with the help of my fil… the situation is getting “better”. There’s this day where Jdric is being so playful that he accidentally knock himself on the highchair and his lips bleed. My fil ask can teach/encourage him to hit me and of course he did. I really have nothing to say to them…

My bil pulak love to ask him to do things i ask him not to.. just to against me? I dunno what his purpose. What will he become? what will he learn? to go against instructions? *sigh*

My twin nephews teaching my son how to bully theirs sister by throwing things at her, kicking her and sometimes tease her. Children or siblings rivalry can’t be avoid i know, but this is teaching Jdric the wrong thing at such an early stage! But what can i say?  My niece and nephew is constantly showing bad example… walking around brushing their teeth, never answer when they are being called for the 10th times and make their mom scream at them. Jdric is going to think that being scream at  is perfectly normal and to get the msg across he need to be scream! I’m getting so worried about all his discipline issue if i stay any longer here.

Everyone keeps telling me.. so good got ppl help you with ur kids. So good got ppl cook for you. So senang.. sometimes i want to scream at those ppl who had been telling me all these nonsense. Imagine what i need to go tru years from now? Imagine wat i need to tolerate. Imagine i cannot control my own child because someone else had been poisoning my child since young. I prefer to be so sick, tired, exhausted NOW than having to go tru all that in future! I may not be a perfect mother but at least i know what i want and trying very hard and my best to deliver. This is also one of the reason i quit my job because i do not want and cannot accept how other ppl bringing up my own child! Anyway pastor also said… why let other ppl raise ur child when God give you the authority and responsibility to do it…

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4 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. Hey, having other ppl help us jaga kids not necessary a good things. Though yes, sometimes it helps to have your kid away from you for a while so you can wind down and relax (esp during our tiring pregnancy times) but have to watch out what they are learning consciously and unconsciously from the carers. That’s why if possible, I try to stay upstairs in my room with my boy unless I’m super busy or too overwhelm and really need to rest.

    Hang in there and if can, talk to your hubby about it, see whether he can tell his parents and bro nicely about their ‘funny’ actions…

  2. Not everyone is blessed to be a SAHM. Sometimes circumstances don’t allow. But sometimes, since we are all first time mothers, some ppl might somehow do better than us. Like my aunt. Taken care of 10 kids, I don’t think I can handle Sara as how she handles her. Sometimes we do not know what to do, but these ppl know. So it all depends on how we see the situation. take care babe. I roughly know what u’re going through because I went through that for a week as well as every week now. 😛

    • it’s true not everyone is blessed to be SAHM.. that y with this opportunity i’m trying my very best and hard to give the best but unfortunately…

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