Giveaway – Cleebo

What is it? Haha… it’s an invention that could ease my “pain”

It’s actually a tweezer to remove the “thing” from baby/toddler nose. Yeah why all the trouble when they also invented the nasal aspirator rite? Well my son seems to be having alot of the “thing” in his nose and sometimes it is really deep and once i didn’t remove it immediately, it turns dry. I suspect it’s my gene problem because having sensertive nose will automatically generate alot of mucus. Especially in the morning… he’ll have hard time to breathe. Initially when he’s a baby i tot there’s something wrong with him :S

Normally i will wait until shower, wet his nose (hopefully some water gets into his nose) and wet the dry mucus.. then picit his nose until the “thing” comes out. Very torturing rite?  Sometime my finger nail will scratch his nose.. and other times his nose is like Rudolf the raindeer. Of course he still doesn’t know how to blow his nose, so there’s no other way for me to get it out. 😦

Hopefully with this giveaway by I’m a Full Time Mummy, I’m able to win this marvelous gadget! woohoo…


So who ever interested…

Giveaway ends : 11th August 2011 (Malaysia time)

Good Luck to you and me!


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