BERSIH 2.0 Rally

Am very sad fro some ppl who live in Msia but dun gv a damn about the rally. No i’m not saying everybody MUST participate at least don’t leave stupid comments. Some don’t even know what is BERSIH. This rally is nothing but to support the fairness and righteousness of our nation. There’s nothing wrong with the rally. Those who supported BERSIH juz want to voice out and be heard. Don’t forget that if this rally is really working, it’s the benefit of our nation as whole. it’s not bias or taking sides.

I don’t know is “they” who make stupid remarks know that in 20yrs to come, if we continue to be ignorant like we used to be,  Msia will be sending our future generations to Indonesia as maid! It’s so humiliating that we are now becoming worst and worst if we do not act. Maybe “they” do not have kids yet and cannot feel anything. Or “they” rich enuf that when the day comes, they are migrating like those indonesian-chinese is doing now days.

The massive traffics and jams everywhere is not caused by BERSIH.. it’s the government who is too afraid to be walking on the right tracking causing it. Gov says anti corruption, all the policemen wearing the badge “Anti Rasuh” what’s all these? BERSIH of course. This is the idea of BERSIH. If you’re afraid to join in or participate in the rally, there’s no forcing. BUT those who are fighting out there is actually fighthing for everybody and we should be proud and thankful that there are ppl who stand out for ppl whom they don’t know. Just like what Jesus did.


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