Phimosis – decision

*alamak forgot to post. back dated*

OK after reading from the various internet source i’m quite dizzy…but we have some decision. 1stly baby’s penis not suppose to be fully retract until 3yrs old, or some other website suggest 5yrs old. So we decided to wait… just need to deal properly with his infection.

2ndly his birdie was ok the next day already.. didn’t even need antibiotic. He could pee without pain… well i guess there shouldn’t be much to worry about. Afterall Ha-B said, most of his nephew is having this problem during their childhood. But not from my family. Maybe this is another of the thing he inherit from the “phang” ? ah well… maybe it’s the genes… just like the sensitive skin.

Anyway decided to wait for the next infection (hopefully no need and no more) then we’ll visit the government and see what they have to say. somehow the government will have more experience as they had seen many and they won’t make a woohaa out of nothing compare to private who want to earn $$ but skill wise.. i’ll still trust the private..


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