It’s been a long time

Haven’t been updating anything… but there’s lots of interesting things happening…

Partly because my arms is falling apart… i think it happen when there’s 1 nite, my son cried i think due to nitemare (but it happen all the time). So in order to calm him i need to carry him up, close to my body like a baby and he’ll turn his head over to my body and go back to sleep. So there’s this 1 nite, i’m tired and lazy and sleepy.. so i simply carry him and i think i tear or injured something inside.

Next day, my neck cannot turn, my arm and shoulder cannot lift and my back muscle is pulling like cramps. My aunt help me to massage. The back muscle was relax abit but the neck and arm still same. Luckily tat week i’m up to KL and hubby, mil and sil were helping me on Jdric. I went for acupuncture and cupping. That nite i was not able to sleep because my arm muscle were harden like cramps. Midnite i woke a few times due to pain. I cannot tahan anymore so i decided to go for painkiller. I went to see doc but she told me wasn’t able to prescript me anything because i’m pregnant. Even yoko-yoko also not recommended. But i dun care. Only yoko-yoko can gv me the burning and sting-ee feeling until i forgot the pain.

Chinese sinse told me it’s wind coz i bathe too late. Mat salleh doc told me i strain and used too much of my right arm.

Today it’s arnd 2 wk. I’m feeling much better.. altho it’s still painful but it’s bearable. At least i don’t need the wall to help me wear my bra anymore. I can fall asleep with the right position.  Being a mother is so painful~~


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