I’m really proud of him

I’m a full time mummy wrote something in her blog which makes me worried for few days. I don’t know how i’ll react. She was facing a situation where her son’s toys was being grab away and should she “Accept It or Retaliate”. I think i’ll just move my son away from the situation to prevent him from crying and tell my son that’s a notti boy and we don’t want to play with him. But all these sound so wrong but.. i don’t want to create a scene ma…but to bring him away is also an action that indirectly telling him that he did something wrong that’s why he had to move! *argh* I was so disturb by the situation bcoz i know i’ll soon to face it…

Anyway i’d manage to experience the situation myself in really. But what i’d observe my son did is really something that.. put a big smile on my face and huge relieve. We went to a party where he was taking a balloon… and then some kid who is younger than him trying to grab it from him. He went behind the chair and hide himself so that the other kid can’t reach him. He didn’t, or let others take his things.. he just protect himself. I’m soo happy.. even tho it’s a sign that he is not sharing.. but hey.. experts says, kids don’t learn to share until they are 3yrs old. 🙂 call it an excuse but i’m relieve he is taking good care of himself.

To make things even happier for me, the entire party he didn’t even cling to me. He just get somebody to carry him to reach to the balloon which is hanging high. He went to all the kids to play with them or to initiate to play with them. He chase kids who are older than him while giving mommy (me) time to eat and chat with friends! I see other kids who is clinging to mom and i’m happy my son didn’t put me in tat situation where i got no time for friends taking care of him! isn’t he a good boy? yala yala self praise u call me.. but i’m proud he is a very sociable kid.

However the down side is.. he is too easily excited until my friend told me he’s a live wire! that’s a new term but she’d right. i don’t know how to cool him down or tame him in these situation. he run and entertain all other adults. *geez* is this something i should be proud too? because he is this way, easily excited, joyful that’s y he can mix around. well… i guess when there’s a pro there’s always a con too.

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