Entering 2nd trimester, i’m no longer daily reporting to Mr. Toilet Bowl.. that’s a good sign.. but i’m still tired at times and back ache. it got worst if i carry Jdric more. wonder how’s the other pregnant woman in my family is doing. she doesn’t want to announce anything and i didn’t congratulate her coz she is still in her 1st trimester. she had many miscarriage previously and i think she got pantang out of telling ppl her pregnancy dy.

i if ppl ask ifi i’m pregnant i’ll say -“yes i am”.

if ppl ask when 2nd bb coming i’ll tell them – “it is in me now”

if ppl i want to tell i’ll announce it gladly because i think my bb is like me who likes to be recognize. 🙂

i cannot tell ppl no i’m not pregnant if i am, because i feel like i’m rejecting the bb. BUT of course there’s some ppl i will not want to tell because of they hv too big mouth or i’m not so close with them or i feel like they just want to compete. so these ppl are not sincerely wanting to share your happiness…

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