Confinement Lady

For this 2nd pregnancy we plan to get a confinement lady (CL) to ease  around because there’s 1 little monster who needs alot of attention. Mom alone cannot handle so many things… we decided to get a half day… half day means.. 8am to 1pm (most). She will come cook, wash laundry (mine and baby) and bathe the bb. And she gets RM1500 for half half day? 28 days only leh~~

Anyway we call up this lady, she is really nice and open. She speaks all the requirements and state everything clearly. But there’s some problems,

(1) she need to get 1 angpao for starting the job to buang suey. i’m thinking like.. why is she so particular about this suey thing when she is a confinement lady? on top of tat after all her job is done she needs another RM200 for ending her job. this is really wierd..

(2) she told me she is going to cook without salt .. only soya sauce. in my mind.. oh no.. i dun wan to drink soya sauce soup leh.. i hate it.. coz that’s how Ha-B cooks.

(3) she is not going to wash my panty. ok la.. i won’t let her wash anyway… BUT she say.. coz it’s suey.. again… and then she expect me to wash rite? so… why can’t i bathe? since i already can touch water.. (she told me no bathing and must do as she told)

(4) since she is working half half she ask me to wash the milk bottle myself for the other half of the day which make sense la. BUT since i’m going to touch water again.. why can’t i bathe?

(5) Since it’s half half day, she won’t be helping with the bb when the bb cry wat. So why pay her so much?

(6) she is nice enough to cook for jdric if i wan to, but i told her he can take my food but she say NO. coz he will be notti Ha-B can’t eat coz will be suey. (oh.. my fire masuk kepala when i hear this – u know i’m very pantang to hear pantang especially she is a woman who gives birth too. sorry i’m not in the suey catagories)

After i think about it.. i don’t think i need her anymore.. too pricey and too pantang. i’m now back to square 1 thinking if mom my help me.. who will layan Jdric. i suppose.. i can manage 2 kids kua…not that difficult la .. other ppl also can manage so many kids..

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One thought on “Confinement Lady

  1. Hi Miki,
    My mom is a confinement lady with over 20 years of midwife experience in a private hospital. She’s flexi with the cooking – adapt to your taste and for your family too. She can do the confinement full-time.
    If you are interested, you can contact me at (replace A with @).

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

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