What if..

What if… I’m always having these “what if” in my head..thru out my pregnancy

What if.. I suddenly have this contraction and I need to deliver and Ha-B is not around?

What if.. the bb cries every 3 hours and wake Jboy during mid nite? How can I handle both?

What if..the bb need to put to sleep and Jboy need to attached to me at the same time

What if.. I need to have a lengthy BF and Jboy needs attention?

What if.. during confinement Jboy need attention and no one is free to care for him?

What if.. i send to my PIL and i’ll miss him and he’ll be nonsensical?

What if.. I’m there’s no pregnancy?

What if.. there’s no changes?

Am I having depression or stress? I don’t know.. but I suppose I’m not.. it’s just the very normal thoughts that every pregnancy woman should be having especially with all the drastic changes..and I truly hate it

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