So long didn’t update..

Went for 3rd scan for the bb inside… doc say can’t see anything.. but i nge nge ask him to magnified that part.. then doc say for a sec he tot he saw something (girl got nothing) so.. don’t tell me i’m going to have another prince! OMG.. that’s the end of my dream to dress my princess. ..tie the hair.. wear princess clothing…wear pink hairband…oh no!!

On the other hand.. i can save $$ from buying dresses that is to tempting… oh well another month we’ll see again…

My “physical health” is getting better… no more vomit (touch wood) – once awhile when i tersalah makan then will throw out but other than that if i carefully and select my food then i will be OK. Last week having very terrible headache.. i dunno due to what.. fatigue…. less lo.. coz i’d been sleeping whenever Jboy takes his nap.. this is also why i seldom can update…

Now updates on Jboy… he still can’t talk… everythign is na na, no no, ne ne…finger pointing here and there..but i’d confirm he is not deaf coz he still understand my instructions.. *phew* (mothers are always over worrying) but cannot blame me lah.. 2 great fall… 1 with HUGE duku and 1 with bloody floor….haiz

So far he can understand alot of things.. and know A for Apple.. until F for Fish… i also think he knows phonics coz sometimes i ask too many times A for… he’ll create his own words that hv the same sound.. like tat day i ask him B for.. he told me baba and point at his daddy.. E for Eh (elephant) sometimes.. egg…C sometimes will be Cow instead meow (cat)… i also prefer he learn phonics rather fix alphabet stands for what..

Interm of physical, he is still very hyper… he can jump 15-20min non stop following the aerobic disc…and when i put him into his playpen he’ll also starts to jump and roll in his playpen like org gila.. non stop until whole body wet! he’s not afraid of falling down, he wants to walk up and down the stairs like an adult..not crawling that is..he climbs up and down the sofa withour fearing falling… i mean climb really climb.. not the seat or the handle.. is the sofa back seat! i seldom bring him out for swim or outdoor activities coz i’m constantly out of breathe and my energy level is LOW.. maybe i’m just plain lazy.. haha

Makan.. he is improving.. he drinks water now (which is really wierd) it’s either the new water tumbler or.. he likes water now… he also eat rice.. he dislike mushy stuff like porridge and scramble eggs.. leafty vege.. i’m glad his appetite for solid has improve.. but is appetite for milk is still on top of the list.. 1.5hr later after 7oz he’ll ask again for milk! goodness..


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