Happy 4th Anniversary to us…

This year we have a small celebration… last year with a newborn. i’m not even in the mood to do anything…

First in the afternoon we went to Guardian to buy some sun-block for Jboy preparing for the trip. Didn’t tot that we could claim the free gift from Guardian. Since we’re only short a few so we just stand at the entrance of Guardian and ask if they are collecting. Most of them don’t. So you can stand there few days and get a free toys yourself! muahahha…..

Unintentionally wearing tiger suit too

Night we went to Sanfrancisco Steak House for our little celebration together with my parents and bro.  (lucky you bro!)


As i flip the menu my eye… *ting* saw something F.O.C “Entitle for free kids meal with 1 main meal” Therefore Jboy eat for free.. but actually mommy and everybody else eat for him. He just wanna play with the fries.

When we reach home, Ha-b gave me a known surprise. (because i ask for it) Chanel loose powder 😀

4th Anniversary pressie *muaks*

this year 3 of us ..i wore a new top leh~

Thanks Ha-b for the wonderful meals and pressie… Happy Anniversary ..


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