Interesting Outdoor Activity – Flying a Plane

My boy is a hyper boy… i need to think of a way to let his energy drain out before sleep.

Therefore i bought a plane to fly with him….. fix the plane to the gun and pull…walaa the plane will cruise off….then of course u need someone to pick it up… GUESS WHO!

(Grandpa flying a plane-Jboy is waitting)

(Jboy chasing after the plane)

(Like a puppy playing “fetch” he gets the plane and run back to Grandpa)

I played with him twice already… but never get the chance to snap a picture … (of course la, i’m flying the plane duh~~) After 3 days flying it for dozens of time.. the plane need some servicing..the kepak all torn dy~~ maklum la only RM12.90 (fr JJ)

(after servicing)

But it is real fun and very interesting outdoor activity for Jboy. He learn how to fly the plane too!


(After servicing by Grandpa)

(Dirt from the mud 😉 )

After all the running, tripping over and falling, he is a pretty dirty and sweaty boy… but good exercise … 😛 (no wonder he’s getting thinner and mommy is getting fatter)

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