Jdric and Mommy Shopping

This is the very first time we go shopping together. I’d never bring him out alone but no choice coz i’m suppose to prepare the big nite,  Chinese Winter Solstice Festival. Mom just half way recovering from the operation so i tot maybe i could just cook a simple meal for the nite. nearly 2pm we depart from my home, Bt Berendam….

(2pm : looking fresh)

On the way to Tesco, at the traffic light, i peep on my boy.. he’s very quiet, good boy and didn’t lau kai….(surprisingly)

(Parking at the entrance)

Then i start to search for a parking, God is always good to me.. i got the parking right infront of Tesco entrance! *yippie* Not i’m lazy to walk la.. i dun wan to carry my boy and walk such a long distance.. troublesome.

Even surprise me more is that during the whole groceries shopping he didn’t lau kai at all. He is so obedient, sitting nicely in the trolley. We spend around 2hrs…

(4pm: Sleep jor)

Leaving Tesco at around 4pm i peep at my son again at the traffic light..sleeping jor.

When i reach mom house, Jdric woke awhile but i put him back to sleep so that i can start with my cooking. Preparing the food, marinate whatever that need to be marinated, wash watever need to me washed…chop chop, cut cut, wash wash….

5.30pm start my 1st dish… lamb stew. Lamb need longer time to cook…

6pm wanted to cook my pandan chicken but there’s no pandan leave big enough to wrap m chicken so i just lay the small pandan leaves in the wok and put my marinated chicken on top of the pandan leaves. no need oil…the  juices from the chicken boil the chicken itself

Dunno why 7pm my lamb stew still looks like lamb soup! *argh* mom say i should had open the lid so that the water will dried up abit. bodoh! Then.. i also forgot to cook rice… muhahaha….

Waited until arnd 8pm baru boleh makan…. luckily my parents ate heavy tea break…*phew*

(mine lamb stew)

(recipe book lamb stew)

I didn’t took picture of the pandan chicken and spinach. But the lamb cooks yummy rite? haha… dad had 2 bowls leh~~ next day the soup even more yummy..

So..conclusion.. dunno how to cook nevermind… just buy 1 recipe book and follow…

*For the lamb stew i didn’t follow exactly the recipe book coz instead of bay leaf i bought basil! *piak* so i just add in basil into the soup coz i cannot differentiate the taste of basil and bay leaf. muhahaha.. i also add in my fav celery..


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