Brushing Teeth

Jdric love to brush teeth…. last time i used hanky to just wipe his mouth but ever since he have more than 4 teeth i occasionally uses the finger tooth brush to brush his teeth. Until recently i make it a habit to train him about brushing teeth. When i say brush teeth he’ll put his finger into his mouth and brush… Using this is safer than using the hanky because he’ll bite but at least my finger is not so painful after that..

bought it b4 he was even born during Pureen warehouse sale

He could sense that i bought a real tooth brush for him. He just refuse to let me stick my fingers into his mouth using this anymore. But i did apply the new tooth paste la~~ maybe it’s the tooth paste that he doesn’t like? I also bought the wrong tooth paste i think. I read the instruction saying “Do not swallow” i tot all kiddies tooth paste can be swallow?

new tooth brush and tooth paste

Didn’t use the tooth paste anymore. Need to check-out more about the tooth paste from the pharmacy. Just use water and real tooth brush. He’ll try to bite on the tooth brush once a while but he knows how to open widely and let me brush his teeth when i tell him so. I find baby tooth brush very cute. hehehe….

*Don’t get cheated by the “super soft” brush, it’s not really that soft perhaps the brush is too short that makes it hard.. i find it medium

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