Operational Month

Things are not going very smooth recently…. i think it must be the Feng Shui in the house.

Dad’s right eye got macular hole around 3yrs back. After the op which is supposingly 95% of successful rate ends up a failure. Doc from ISEC Boulevard Mid Valley advice using the gas to enable the gas to push back the eye ball and let the cell heal but after nearly 6mths of head down, the hole didn’t close up as expected. Head down means eye looking downwards on the floor parallel the entire time. 1 day is only allow 10min to lift up the head to eat and shower. Head is allow to tilt to the side during sleep but best if could be head down too. Doc advice 2nd op with oil instead as gas will disappear quickly. But disadvantages of oil is after awhile there will be cataracts. Well not an option rite? This will takes another few mths but no head down needed…can’t really remember. So went in for the 2nd op and after a few days, dad realise something is not so rite. the oil is not clear. his vision is foggy and therefore went back to the doc. GUESS WHAT. The doc used the oil that had been recalled by the manufacturer. He didn’t read the notice from the manufacturer. WTF WTF WTF! It should not give other side effect but it is still WTF. 3rd op is to remove the oil in his eyes and together with cataracts. 4th op is to futher suck out the remaining oil. It’s only 10% of ppl who go tru this will faced failure…. anyway this right eye’s cell didn’t grow back nicely.. so.. his vision is not perfect. In other words he can’t see ppl’s face using his right eyes.

Now after few years his left eye pulak kena. It’s not likely for the other eye to kena but and yet still kena. damn f*cking suey rite? and so dad had to go through all over again of course this time he didn’t went back to the same doc and Melaka have all the facilities to perform the op already. Now his cataract had cover up till 60% and should go for the op for removal or else will go blind…but…


A year ago.. mom took a pap smears and doc detected some virus .. cancerous virus. But after details checking it’s gone. BTW in our body everybody hv cancer cell is just that the cell change to bad cell or not. And apparently the cell will heal by itself. This year mom’t went for another paps smear and cell did changed. But the doc wasn’t really truthful. After 20yrs of visiting her in Pantai Medical center, her advice is very threatening  and money minded and uses harsh word to scare mom to remove it..Mom is not confidence with her and went to do another paps smear at the same time visitted another doc in Mahkota for 2nd opinion. Doc advice to do a biopsy test   (cut out the cervical head to run test) and the result is another one more step it’s cervical cancer. So it’s better to remove the whole uterus as it’s no longer needed for child bearing. However the funny part is that the 2nd pap smear done outside (didn’t attached to any hospitals) shows OK, CLEAN. So is the docs here playing tricks or what? But just to be safe… she decided to just removed it. There goes our “home”….

And so.. dad have to wait and he can’t drive.. already right eyes vision cacat (when he sees straight lines is all crooked) now left eye foggy vision with cataracts…now we can only pray that after the cataract removal his vision will be perfect again and his cell had grown nicely back in order…




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