No Good Mom

Yes i admit i’m not even close to good mom. Happy everyone?

But i’m still going to write it all out to release my frustration! My son have a few bumps here and there so? There is no good reason for you to judge me. What the Heck.. Ya so you’re a perfect mom that your child didn’t hv bruises here and there when they were young.. but that didn’t prove anything. Probably they are so *toot* that they just sit there all day long! Please don’t compare your f*cking mother skill with mine unless ur child is like mine.

Jenny Chin said that don’t take it so seriously about what ppl have to say because they initially meant good. But comparing your f*cking motherhood skill with mine isn’t showing any good intention. Unless you’re telling me you wanna jaga my son for me for FOC.

Everyone is telling me.. becareful. Like how am i going to becareful? It’s not me who take the floor and bump into him. It’s not me who push him down. WTF I’m already with him all the time and each bump and bruises i’m there to witness so how am i suppose to do more? (except the fall from bb cot) Is not like my son going to be strap down or tied up. It’s not like he’s going to sit down there and play with his toy car. It’s not like he got no legs to run about.. how do you want me to f*cking becareful and take perfect care of him so he dun f*cking fall and knock himself?

My son is a very hyper child. He cannot sit still.. he cannot stop moving. He just like to move and he is extremely brave not afraid of falling down. That is also why he learn to walk so fast. His pain threshold is super duper high. He can bump his head and cry 1 min later he is laughing. Sometime he don’t even cry. I try to rub his bump while he was drinking his milk, he don’t even show pain! So since he is not afraid of pain and falling down.. how to educate him to becareful?

To make matter even wosrt, my id*otic husband can agree with them. 3hrs my son with him already knock twice. Bathe 1 time already knock once. So it’s not being with him, he’ll be completely safe! i’m not saying he’s a bad dad… but he should know better and give a more encouraging comment rather than adding more salt to my wound!

Sometimes they more the say, the more i’m angry i am with my son! Not because he throw my water face of not being a good mom. Because he is just not the same and i know best and i do not need to answer to everyone every single damn bruises. Yes i’m a very low EQ person. So better shut ur mouth into your ass so that i don’t torture your precious. B*stards!


5 thoughts on “No Good Mom

  1. I have a cousin whose Mum doted on him like “menatang minyak yang penuh.” Everybody made a big fuss whenever he fell down and he was always well protected. So much so that in his teenage years, he was known as the Tau Fu Fah in the family, LOL.

    What I’m trying to say is, we all need to fall down and get back up ourselves. What are bumps on the foreheads compared to being nicknamed Tau Fu Fah later in life?

    I fell when I was 4 and had to receive a couple of stitches on my chin. And today, I am not handicapped by that fall. All’s well, right?


    • thanks pelf…sometimes it’s hard for me to control my emotion on ppl who gv comments on me … as u know i’m not a very patience n bad tempered person…. especially i did hv close look at him n he could juz fall n knock himself on the floor next min due too excited. i’m not pointing my fingers at my son but he is too adventurous, hyper n brave. ppl who don’t know keeps gv comments “miki bcareful!” , “miki y u so careless!” some even tell me when they look after theirs no such bruises. i feel like telling them, it’s my son, i don’t hope for bad things to happen on him either but he is diff n need super extra care which is not easy for me. so geram u know..

  2. Aiyoh, you sounded upset. Dont care what others think honestly. We can’t please everyone. Like you, I feel horrible each time he falls. Like Jboy, E falls like nobody’s business because too hyper, too brave with high pain threshold. Just within 2 days lately, he fell 3 times. Once at night from the bed (he woke up to play), and twice at his playing area. Scratches and bruises on both side of head. I was very mad at myself too but how do I restrain a budding Spiderman from moving? Cage him up? There’s no way we can be too careful. All I’m scared of is just internal injury 😦 But then again, falls make them stronger.

    So the people who judged you either have an unusually passive child or don’t have to take care of their child at all. They won’t understand.

    • Yalo… they makes remarks that is really hurting and sounds like i purposely did that on my son.. haiz~~ sometime i know i should ignore all those but it’s really frustrating lo…

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