MPH Sales

There was this MPH sales and this time it was at Mydin.

I couldn’t resist and went to see. 1st time i just tahan.. 2nd time i was still there, the sale is still on. hubby was not around and i’m all alone.. the devil came out. i took a couple of books and then i realise it’s ALOT of money.. i threw back some. End up buying ~RM90.

All are for Jdric. I’m not kiasu and want him to be brilliant but i feel buying toys is wasted and Ha-B definitely will scold if i buy more toys. He’s already making noise that Jboy have plenty. (but frankly i hardly can count loh~~) and it’s income tax deductible so i know he won’t bising as much as buying toys. Some of the books are not even for his age now. xP

But there’s this particular book i really like. it’s about shape. It’s suitable for him now. It tells a short sentence and then you’ll need to fix the felt shape to the respective position. But of course it cannot tell u right or wrong. There’s a page full of circle, triangle, square, rectangular and others.


but there’s a  few disadvantages of this book. The felt shapes doesn’t have the velcro to stick unto the pages. So it tend to slip off or get blown away by the fan. I’d DIY to fit it. Guess what i’m using? Hahah.. yes the magic tape by the disposable diaper (PetPet) Actually can keep the tape and use for many other purposes. (If i manage to complete my next project i’ll show)

(Disposable diaper magic tape)

Next is the flash card. He don’t have any flash cards and since it’s on 20% discount so i just get it. 1 good thing about this flash card is that it’s real picture. My friend taught me not to get those cartoon flash cards or books coz it’s very confusing for the kids. Sometimes the drawing is quite not right. hahah.. example, a wolf that looks like a dog or an apple tat looks like a orange. something like tat…

There’s this Counting book 1 to 20. I know it’s not suitable but it has a huge chart and the pen for writing. This book is environmental friendly. After writing in the book, you can erase it and re-do. So it’s re-usable workbook… so green rite? no need to waste paper.. but i don’t know if the pen is non-toxic pen or not lah~~but i guess it should be lah. make for kids wor..

And the 2 books below is actually very worth buying because it’s 50% discounted. RM15 with CDs. The Alphabet is OK for him coz there’s alot of pictures. Even tho the wording print is slightly small, he still can look at the pictures. As for the Fairy Tales, the wording print is small for Jboy’s age. Maybe need to keep until he is 4-5 yrs old. Hahaha.. but i like it because it’s the Fairy Tales and it won’t go out of season. It’s every child-must-hear stories. Sleeping Beauty, Jack and Bean Stalk.. bla bla bla…

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