A Mother’s Badge

When Jboy was born, i’d started to use napkin. I didn’t know the existence of clothe diaper *smack on the head* i could hv safe alot if i only knew.. anyway i used to tied up the napkin ard his tummy. until few mths ago, i can’t rmb when was it, that his tummy had grown bigger and it’s difficult to tie. even tie, it will fall off like a tail. he could step on it and fall down anytime.

i went to buy the claw type pin. thinking that it will be safer and more convenient. mana tau.. all my napkin torn because of the claw. sometimes the claw will juz fall of and my “tam chiak” son will put in his mouth! so dangerous. he can swallow it! now i threw it a side as spare.

(look 1 of the claw jatuh dunno go where dy)

(torn napkin)

i switch to normal conventional pin. it’s easier and won’t fall off. but hv to be careful loh. since jboy is listening and behaving while i change him. so ok lah.. i always tell him “wait mama changing the napkin. wrap first. wait~~” he will listen. sometime need to distract him abit loh~~ this safety pin was actually mine. what i mean is used by me~~ haha.. 30 yrs old pin….

(the 30yr old pin)

(a mother’s badge)

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